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Hair is an essential part of our everyday dressing. Often we spend a lot of our time on make-up and clothes early morning and we just spare enough time for tying either a braid or just a clumsy ponytail. From a two minute time saver to a chic evening look a pony tail can create wonders. It is no longer a boring hair style meant for only school goers but it is also a personal favorite of many popular celebrities. It does all: saves a lot of time, keeps your hair out of your face while working out in a gym or partying with a friend in a club. It can be made more creative in various ways, and it can make you look a zillion times more glamorous and stylist. The only master trick is to know how to make the ponytail style work perfectly for you. So here are some Celebrity ponytail hairstyles that shall guide you to get your desired ponytail.

1. The Formal Poly tail– It is the simple ponytail hair style which I guess every girl has already mastered upon. It is the most decent and perfect hairstyle that goes well with any office wear or uniforms. Kim Kardashian is looking fabulous in this formal pony tail. Megan Fox is also looking pretty in the formal pony tail. It is best fitted for a party or a special occasion. And the front puff is catchy indeed (There is an awesome tutorial on how to tie a high ponytail with a puff already posted on IMBB. You can view it here https://makeupandbeauty.com/high-ponytail-poof-tutorial/ and try the hairstyle)


2. The Side Ponytail- The side ponytail is the most glamorous ponytail modification. Chic and elegant it is perfect match for a romantic dinner or any formal party. To get the look all you need is to comb your hair properly to your favorite side and tie it up at the end of your neck. You can let loose some strands on the same side or the other just to balance the look. Use a curler to curl the tail. It shall add the natural curvy look to the pony tail. You can check the pictures below to get a complete idea on the side pony tail. Selena Gomez is looking really charming in the side pony tail

image 7


3. The Braided ponytail– This is indeed a fresh entry to the ponytail family. It is really simple. You just need to tie up your hair a little higher from the usual spot and tie a ponytail tightly. Then you can make a rough braid or even a neat one and tie up at the end. And you are ready to rock the world!!!
Image- 9

4. The messy pony tail– Just manage your hair, use your hands or a thick bristled comb and comb your hairs with it and then tie a low ponytail. You can follow the picture bellow.

5. The Wedding Ponytail- Trust me! the ponytail hairstyle goes perfect with a wedding gown too. Just need to add the extra bounce and volume in the lower portion of the tail. Here I suggest you need to take the help of a hairstylist to get this super glam hairstyle.

Here are several more ways in which you can jazz up a plain simple ponytail. These few tips may be of your help:-
• Tie up high your ponytail. Take a small part of some strands of your hair and tie it around the tip of your hair. It shall give a different frame to your plain ponytail
image 12

• You can tie different ribbons, pretty lace, hair pins or multicolored rubber bands, metal hair clutch, etc.

• You can also try the two pony tail style (the one Rani Mukherjee did in KKHT) to get the girly look.

• You can be more creative and criss cross multiple braids in an intricate weaved pattern within one single pony tail.

• You can also add some hair glitter or flowers or just a single flower to highlight the ponytail. It shall definitely attract attention.

• The curly ponytail also looks equally glamorous. All you need is just tie a side or the normal ponytail, use your hair curler and curl the end of the ponytail to bring that natural curls and wavy look.

Well these are few styling tips related to the ponytail hairstyle. You are most welcome to share your view and ideas. I shall be extremely glad to read them. Hope next time you tie a ponytail, don’t keep it simple, just lift it high to add the glamour quotient.

Happy Reading ☺ Take care and Love you all :*:*:*

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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  1. I love Pony tails :), but i have long hair with a good volume, so if i wear pony tail for more than 3 or 4 hours i would get headache 🙁

    1. same here shami. more over. no band fits me perfectly.. i usually end up with leaving my hair lose. any suggestions welcome

  2. i am always in pony tails…different kinds…i love the topsy turvy pony tail the most,it looks very intricate but is super easy to make.

  3. such a lovely post ishani. I lovve doing ponytails. They are the saviors especially on bad hair days. 😛 i so love to do the side pony tails but my layers dont help much. 😛 loved KimK’s especially 🙂

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