Pore Tightening Lactic Acid Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Pore Tightening Lactic Acid Face Mask

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing a face mask with you all, which is a firm favorite of mine especially during summers when my skin gets extremely oily and I suffer from large pores a lot. It is very rich in Lactic acid which is a part of alpha hydroxy acids; somehow they have never failed to show their magic on my oily skin. If you too suffer from oily skin, then you might be very well aware from the fact that it is very much prone to large pores. And no matter how clean it is I also have a few large pores mainly around the nose area.Although it is not really possible to reduce the pore size permanently, but there are always certain ways to temporarily reduce its size. This mask not only makes skin very glowing by shrinking the pore size tremendously, but also gives an instant smooth and pore tightening effect.

1. You will need:

Milk Powder- 1tbsp
Apple Cider Vinegar- 2 tsp.
Honey- ½ tsp.

2. First of all take a tablespoon of milk powder in a small bowl.


3. Now add in around 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.


4. Mix well to get a thick consistency breaking any lumps, keep the consistency thick at this stage as we are going to add honey also.


5. At last add in half a teaspoon of honey to the mixture.


6. Mix well to get a smooth paste of medium thick consistency. If you feel the mixture is slightly thick then add in slightly more apple cider vinegar and if it is too thin then balance it by adding in some more milk powder.


Apply the mask evenly onfreshly cleansed face with the help of your fingers or a brush, whatever you are comfortable with. And then leave it on for 15-18 minutes to let it dry. Then wet your fingers with some water and lightly massage skin to give a light exfoliation and remove the face pack with water. At last follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

This mask is suitable for all skin types especially oily and acne prone skin. People with dry skin and sensitive skin can also use it but make sure to follow up with a moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin like mine, than you may feel a slight tingling sensation while application and also slight redness after removing it, but you do not need to worry it will all go away in a few minutes. And if you are going out right away during the day time, make sure to apply a sunscreen.

Benefits of ingredients used:

Milk Powder– The star ingredient, milk is a very rich source of lactic acid, no doubt Cleopatra bathed in it to make her skin soft, glowing and preserve her beauty. And what a better source then milk powder as it is concentrated form of milk and also easier to work with because of its powder form. Lactic acid exfoliates skin without any hash scrubbing effect and therefor is very suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin as well. It not only makes your skin soft, refines pores but also helps in reducing tanning to a great extent, revealing brighter smoother and more hydrated skin underneath.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)- My love for ACV is not only limited to hair only, as it has amazing astringent properties and pore tightening effects on skin and is a boon for oily and acne prone skin. Although it does not have the best smell, but the benefits it has are amazing, and after removing the mask the smell does not linger much so it is okay. It not only maintains the PH balance of skin, but also helps in reducing sun damage on skin and lightens spots and acne marks. It also boosts the alpha hydroxyl content in the mask, because it is also rich in it.

Honey- I love adding honey to all masks, as it soothes sensitive skin and also reduces redness and inflammation. And prevent skin from getting over dry my maintaining the moisture content.

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17 thoughts on “Pore Tightening Lactic Acid Face Mask: Do It Yourself

    1. Yes you can, but then the result would be slightly less effective, nothing major. And your sister can definitely use it as everything is natural 🙂

  1. This seems like a boon for my extremely oily skin with huge pores *ghost* , I am trying it today itself *thankyou* for sharing dear 🙂

  2. Where is ACV even available in India? I only see the plain vinegar at stores. What would be a good substitute for ACV in this remedy?

    1. These days ACV is readily available at all super markets under diff brands, I have used american garden one hope u find it soon and as of now you can replace it with lemon juice 🙂

  3. super duper diy dhara.. *clap* I use it very often n must say everytime reults r awesome.. *hifive* U reminded me to get one again.. *powder* *clap* *clap*

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