How to Pose to look Slimmer in Pics?

Today, we shall talk of an issue that, I am confident, concerns most of us. It is something that has been bothering me for a while now, and so this time, I decided to pen some tricks to get us around the problem. It concerns the pressing issue of how to pose for pictures in order to look slimmer. So, without any further ado, let’s begin on how to pose to look slimmer in pics?

How to Pose to look Slimmer in Pics

1. Dress Slim: This is a pretty neat trick and effective too. All you need to do is pair your baggier clothes with snuggier ones and you have the best dress to stand in front of the lens and get yourself clicked in the proportions you want to be captured. For example, when you wear solid, dark colors, it helps you get a slimmer looking appearance as the dark colour helps to shift the focus from the face. Also, it is best to skip wearing big prints to avoid making yourself look bulkier. In addition to that, wear vertical prints and stripes to create an illusion of a slimmer body. The easiest trick is to choose well-fitted clothes and you can change your entire look in seconds.

2. Take shots from the top: This is a time-tested professional photographer’s technique. Instead of getting clicked from below that risks you looking quite a few pounds heavier than what you truly are, go for pictures taken from above. It’s guaranteed that you would look slimmer with a longer neck and slimmer chin.

3. Put your arms right: If you don’t want to be caught on lens with your forearms looking all flabby and smooshed, do what the celebs do – just place your camera-facing arm on your hips and pose for the perfect click.

4. Hold your Chin Up and Out: Some of us panic due to issues of double chin or a flabby face. Well, you can prevent looking bulky with a simple trick. Just remember to keep your chin out a little bit and also keep your head held high. This removes the sight of double chin. You can also try contouring techniques to get rid of double chin. These makeup hacks work amazingly in hiding double chin appearance.

5. Pose Pretty while Sitting: Although it is preferred to get clicked while one is standing, however, if you are ever caught on camera while sitting down, do the following and you are good to go – cross your legs at your ankles – they automatically make your thighs and calves look slimmer. Also, remember to sit with your shoulders back and do not slouch while getting clicked.

6. Maintain Safe Distance: This is Optical Physics 101 – objects closer to the camera would look larger, so keep a safe distance from the lens to get captured in nice proportion.

7. Stand at a Turn of Pose: This is another neat trick taken from our celebs, to look slim in photos – to stand properly while getting clicked. Just do what the celebs do, just slightly turn your body sideways towards the camera and you are posed for the perfect click.

8. Get your head around your hair: If you are donning a hairdo, ensure that it is not too severe. While some hair-dos make you look thinner and your chin slimmer, when you tie your hair in buns and braids, they risk rendering your face look bloated and your figure a tad bulky.

9. Hold your Bag/Accessories properly: If you wearing some attire that is a tad tight fitting or in any way accentuating your bulges, resort to the “old bag-to-cover-up-your-bulges” trick. Cover your bulges with your bag and pose away.

10. Do Not say CHEESE: Not only calling out “cheese” while getting clicked is cheesy, it is also responsible for you looking bad for the camera. Saying “Cheese” for a click is not a good idea because it renders you that uncanny look of a furry woodland creature – the “nut-gathering chipmunk.” So if you ain’t nuts for a nutty click, just smile naturally and do not yell out ‘Cheese’.

Well dear readers, we just gave you 10 neat tricks to help you pose in front of the lens and look slim. I sincerely hope that all of you will find this list of Do and don’t helpful.

So, readers, share your thoughts on the article in the comment section below. Pose Right and Let your Pics take Flight!!!! Say CHEESE (or don’t really!)


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