Post 30s Weight Loss Myths Busted

Hi Girls,

Though I am still in my twenties and struggling to lose some weight, I am really worried about my thirties already! With so much information all over the web, television and advice from others, it really gets difficult to differentiate between a myth and a fact. We need to keep our eyes and ears always open but should only process the information that really matter and comes from a reliable source!
I am heading towards my 30’s in 2 years time and want to lose as much as possible before that and get in shape. Today I am sharing some myths about weight loss during our thirties that have been hanging around for a while now.

Let’s get started friends!

• You can eat whatever you want because you exercise:

Now this seems really frightening as we might pile up a lot of unused calories if we keep munching on our favorite calorific foods. Our metabolic rate drastically drops when we enter our 30s. It’s not like the early years when anything gets digested with some extra exercise.

• Sipping Green tea will melt the fat:

Yes, to an extent green tea is good for your health but it does not melt fat. However, it is a great antioxidant and helps to flush out toxins off your body. Sipping green tea for the right reasons is a good way to start!

• You can follow the same workout routine as your twenties:

toning arms
Absolutely not! Your body is ageing and so is the power to convert food into energy. You need to change your exercise routine and see what works best for you.

• You should stop mid meal snacking:

It is actually vice-versa! Eating at short intervals helps to control portion size and the food gets burnt quickly. Just remember to munch on those healthy options like nuts, veggies and fruits, rather than oily junk food.

• Skipping meals after a sinful indulgence will help:

If you feel that you can indulge in a full cream chocolate cake and then skip the next meals to balance it out, then you are completely wrong! Skipping meals will not do any good. So staying away from carbs or any other food group is totally out of the question!

• Cardio is the king:

Not anymore! In your teens and twenties, cardio was the king of all exercises and would give you quick visible results! But now, as your body is ageing, you need to pair up right amount of cardio with strength training and toning yoga poses. Losing muscle mass is easier as compared to fat in your 30s. So, you need to be watchful!

• Gaining weight is out of the question, if you exercise:

Absolutely not! At this age, since your metabolism slows down, you either need to eat less or exercise more. Following the same diet and workout routine as your early years will be of no good. So portion control and increase in workout regime are two important things to take care of now!

• Crash diet will help to lose that extra flab:

Please stay away from those crash and fad diets as they are really harmful for your body and will do more damage than good. These diets are a temporary solution and are really unhealthy. You tend to discontinue these diets very soon as they are not practical. As a result, you get back to the original shape in no time!

• All carbs are bad:

This is actually not true. You need to consume all food groups including carbs in moderate quantities. You can opt for good carbs like whole grains instead of refined and white ones.

• You cannot lose weight in yours 30s:

Now this is the biggest dud of all! We agree that losing weight is difficult after a certain age, but being impossible is simply out of the question. Healthy eating and active lifestyle are the two sides of the same coin. The fitness mantra of eating well and burning well will lead you toward your fitness destination!

So, now you know what to believe and what not! We are surrounded by many such misconceptions that delay the process of our weight loss. We need to be clear and set short term goals that are practical and visible!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Get up and get going!

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