7 Post Shower Tips for Gorgeous Skin

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Today, we would be talking about how to enjoy a gorgeous skin, post-shower. Most of us think that getting out of the shower is all about drying yourself, wearing clothes and moving away. Skin experts have found that this is a wrong process and they say, it is essential to follow a proper skincare regimen after a shower in order to enjoy a gorgeous and glowing skin. Check out some post shower activities to enjoy a gorgeous skin.

post shower skin care tips
You should focus on taking bath with warm water and not hot water because hot water washes out the moisture from the skin. It causes dryness on the skin due to the absence of moisture. Bathing with hot water can also lead to itchiness and flakiness on skin. You should always bath with warm water as it helps to balance the level of moisture in your skin.


2. Pat Your Skin and Never Rub it:

You might have read thousands of blogs but to a surprise, all the experts have recommended to pat the skin dry and not rub it. Most of us have a guilty of rubbing the skin which often leads to itching and dryness on the skin. Rubbing the delicate areas with a cloth can damage your skin and affect the surrounding areas also.


3. Moisturise:

You should apply a moisturiser all over your body because it helps in pampering your skin to the fullest and keeps it hydrated. It is a good idea to apply a moisturiser not only on your hands and face but, it is essential to apply it all over your body. The moisturiser helps to seal the moisture in the skin which helps in promoting the blood circulation.


4. Apply Serum:

Just like the moisturiser, you should also be applying the serum on the face as soon as you pat it dry. Serum ensures that your skin is in good condition and stays hydrated throughout the day. Your pores are open after having a shower and hence, it is essential to apply a serum and keep them closed.


5. Use a Facial Cream:

After applying serum, you should follow it with a facial cream. Damp skin pulls the cream inside better than dry skin. So, it is always better to apply the facial cream as soon as you apply the serum and your skin starts absorbing them. Don’t even open the bathroom door before doing this because the steam in the bathroom will make your skin ready for the cream and moisturiser.


6. Pay Attention to the Scalp:

Just like your skin and body, you should also pay attention to your scalp. Always use a leave-in conditioner that will allow you to comb easily through the hair. It will help in keeping your hair hydrated and moist all the time. Using a leave in conditioner can also help in preventing dandruff.


7. Check Blemishes:

Soon after you step out of the shower, check for any blemishes on the face. That includes back or chest acne, pimples on your face or blackheads. You should apply the suggestive creams or lotions on the blemishes and then wear your clothes. Continue the technique so that there are no more blemishes on the skin.


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