Pre and Post-Holi Skincare and Haircare Tips

Hello girls,
I hope all of you are happily enjoying the spring. Well, who all are excited about Holi? I am sure most of you are! So much of colour, happiness, love, food, dance – there is nothing that you won’t love about Holi, maybe except a very few things. And the very few things include the damages that our skin and hair endure every year during this festival. But maybe this year can be a little different if you follow a few very simple rituals before and after playing with colours.


• Oil/ moisturize your face and body very well before stepping out. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, Vaseline or mustard oil for the purpose. The harmful chemicals in the colour tend to make your skin dry. But moisturizing can solve the problem. Also, the oil barrier prevents the colour from directly interacting with your skin. The skin gets less damaged and it can be removed easily too.
• Apply a toner on your face. It helps to close and minimize the pores. So the colours do not clog them and you are saved from breakout problems.
• You stay out for really long, out in the sun, playing with colours. And by the time you are back home, your skin is badly tanned. So do not forget to use a sunscreen along with the moisturizer. Apply it generously on your face and body.
• Try wearing long sleeved tops and full length bottoms while playing Holi. It will solve your tanning problem to some extent and also expose your skin less to the colour. Cotton clothes are preferable over synthetic, denim or silk materials as they are more comfortable.
• Make sure to apply lipbalm as the color really dries out lips too.
• Do not forget applying nailpaint on your toe and finger nails. You can use some bright vibrant colour. Along with looking suitable for the mood, it will also act as a protective coat and the nails won’t get stained with the Holi color.


Oiling your hair is a must before stepping out of home during Holi. Just like the moisturizer on skin, it also acts as a protective barrier and stops the colour from coming in contact with the hair.
• Do not keep your hair open during playing with the colour as it maximizes the damage. Try some cool and funky hairstyle. Pony-tails, side braid or a top-knot will look sexy and also fulfill the purpose.
• Bandanas look funky and protect your hair too!

General tips

• If you are allergic to colors, consult a dermatologist and take necessary preventive measures.
• Try using herbal, organic colours. They are generally made from flowers. They are good for your skin and are environment-friendly too!
• Do not sit out in the sun, with colour all over your skin, unnecessarily. From my personal experiences I have learnt that the tanning and sun damages are worse maybe due to some reactions in the presence of the harmful chemicals.
• Cover your eyes with glasses. This will stop the colour from entering your eyes and doing any major harm.
• Drink sufficient amount of water. Both you and your skin need hydration while you are playing with the colours outside. You can also opt for fruit juices/mocktails to suit the mood.
• Do not get facial, threading or waxing done 3-4 days before Holi. These procedures make your skin sensitive and exposure to colours may cause irritation and breakout.
• Make sure there is a fresh-water source nearby. In case the colour enters the eyes or there is some irritation on the skin, splash generous amount of water on the affected area. Also keep some cooling agent like aloe-vera gel handy. If there is any irritation, it helps in soothing.

When the Holi madness is over!

• Do not be harsh on your skin. Avoid using face-wash or scrub and it will damage your already aggravated skin. Try using a mild cleanser. You may use raw milk and besan facepack as it is pretty effective in removing the colour. Sesame oil is another ingredient from your kitchen that can remove the colour. Use a generous dose of body lotion after the bathing session.
• Wash your hair using a mild shampoo to remove the oil, dirt and colour. Use a conditioner/hair pack afterwards.
• Avoid using hot water for washing your hair or for the bathing session.
• Often we see colour strains on our teeth too. Use a salt-lemon juice mixture to get rid of it.
• Do not go overboard and do not be harsh or your skin and hair. You may need to 2-3 days to get rid of the colour completely. Give that time.
These simple tips will surely keep your skin and hair happy during Holi. So stop worrying about your beauty getting affected and spread colour and happiness.

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