10 Awesome Pre Bathing Tips

10 Awesome Pre Bathing Tips

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Today, I have come up with another skin care regimen. We always pay more attention to our face, feet, hands separately. But we also need to pamper these parts of our body together as a complete whole. This can be done only while bathing. So here I have come up with some useful pre bathing tips that I have been using since I was a teenager and I have been greatly benefitted. These tips will also be a big help for you especially in the approaching winter season when our skin has a tendency of drying and hence demands great care. A good bathing procedure not only cleans the body but also relaxes the mind and keeps the skin in fresh.

Hope you like these pre-bathing tips effective.

pre bath tips

1. Just soak some dried peas over night in raw coconut water. The following morning grind the peas into a fine paste. Now mix this paste with some fresh cream or you can use curd and some sugar. Now scrub your whole body with this paste. The grainy paste will exfoliate your skin and give it a shinning glow after your bath. The cream will help in moisturizing the skin.

bathing salts

2. Now soak some bakery bread into fresh milk and use it to scrub your body before your bath. It will help to remove dead skin and brighten up your dull body parts.

bread for pre bathing

3. When it is too hot avoid bathing in too cold water and subsequently avoid bathing in too hot water when it is too cold. It harms the skin and also the hairs.

4. If the water that is supplied in your house consists of huge quantity of iron, put some camphor in the bucket where you have stored the water. The camphor helps in dissolving the excess iron content of the water.


5. Use onion to rub the darker parts of your body like elbow, knees, ankle, feet, etc during bath. This will help to lighten the parts and also remove dead cells.

6. If you have an excess dry skin after using soap wash your body and apply body oil and again pour some water over your body. This will lock the oil in your skin and prevent it from drying. Washing your body with some water after application of body oil will also prevent dust particles from sticking to your skin.

7. In the winter season try to use a soap or body gel with high contents of glycerin. It will help to keep the skin moisturized.

8. People with excess oily skin, rather than applying body oil directly to the skin put two table spoons of the oil in the water instead and use it for bathing.

9. In the winters avoid spending too much time in the shower as it shall wash out the necessary natural oils from your body which is very important to keep the skin moisture especially during the cold season.

10. After drying your body with a clean towel apply moisturizer all over and if you have already used body oil avoid the former as it will make your body too sticky.

11. Don’t forget to wash and dry your towel regularly with a good anti-septic, as there may be transfer of germs from our body to the towel and vice-versa.

Hope these tips will help you to a great extent. Thank you for reading and Happy Bathing 🙂

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  1. Hey ishani.. such awesome DIY tips.. I like to soak Soul Flower bath salt in my bath water which makes me feel so refreshed and awake..

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