All about Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

As the name indicates Pre Menstrual Syndrome are the symptoms which a women experiences before the start of periods. About 80% of women experience the PMS symptoms.


Symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome include:

• Anger
• Acne
• Breast swelling and tenderness
• Food cravings
• Sleep disturbances
• Weight gain
• Fatigue
• Poor concentration
• Joint or muscle pain

Causes of Pre Menstrual Syndrome:

syndrom pms

The exact reasons behind the Pre Menstrual Syndrome are not known. However, these factors may be responsible behind our monthly illness:

• Hormonal changes
• Poor eating habits
• Stress
• High caffeine intake
• Imbalance of calcium and magnesium levels in the body
• Certain chemical changes in the body and brain

Treatment of Pre Menstrual Syndrome:


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Like the diagnose of PMS its treatment is also a challenging task. But, by following certain safety measures we can see positive results. These include:
• Avoid high salt intake atleast a week before periods.
• Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
• Eat a well balanced diet.
• Avoid caffeine as far as possible.
• Exercise daily.
• Say no to alcohol and smoking.
• Calcium and magnesium supplements may help.
• Do not starve yourself. Eat small meals.
• Practice stress management techniques.
• Take half teaspoon of cinnamon and have it with a glass of milk every night to ease cramps.
• In case of severe pain and irregular blood flow drink half cup of parsley juice.
• Lemon grass tea is beneficial in case of painful menstruation.

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Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

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  1. Era, thank you so much for this post! I suffer from almost all of the symptoms you have mentioned. The tips are super useful 🙂

  2. Era, another wonderful post, you know what all the guys should read this post and understand it well, this would help the lady of the house have some peace of mind during those painful 5 days….

  3. My age is 23. As my periods are always imbalanceafter the age of 18, its starts from 15 year age , i also consulted doctor, i also done my whole body test , but all are normal….. doctor gave me a course… earlier my peroids having one month gap.. but now its delayed for 15 -20 days delayed . Wt can i do in dat case.. pls suugest me.

  4. My age is 25. As my periods are always imbalance . its starts from 15 year age , i also consulted doctor, i also done my whole body test , but all are normal…… but now its delayed for 2month . Wt can i do in dat case.. pls


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