8 Pre-Wedding Tips For Would-Be Brides

The bridal season is almost here and we are sure many beautiful women here are waiting for their “Big Day” to come in a few months. Every would-be bride is filled with a lot of excitement, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Perhaps these are the things that add more charm to a bride-to-be. Looking forward to look at your charming best on your wedding day? Here are some of the easiest tips that you wouldn’t mind following, no matter how busy you are! With social distancing and “stay at home” recommended in the current scenario, it’s the right time to indulge in self care and these 10 pre wedding tips for would be brides yield amazing results. For beauties who do not believe in exotic bridal packages at expensive salons that can burn a hole in the packet, we have got budget-friendly and effective tips. These tips are based on some of the easiest ingredients available. They help to detox the skin and take care of your skin in a natural way. They show results almost at par with the costly bridal spa packages, at 1/10th cost or even less; the only condition is that you have to be regular in maintaining the routine. Start at least 2 months prior to the “big day” and be religious in your regimen.


1. Eliminate soap completely: Soaps and harsh face washes can be convenient to use but often contain ingredients that can be harsh for your skin. Hence, the best option is to eliminate them from your skin care routine. What to do to clean your face and body then? When you go for a bath, carry a mixture of besan and milk. You would do well if you could add a pinch of turmeric to the mixture. Use the paste (which should have a runny consistency) on alternate days or at least 2 times a week while taking a bath and it will effectively clean your skin of impurities, without drying the skin and also exfoliate the skin. Use it to wash your face twice daily. It is absolutely safe and helps to brighten the complexion. You should also try the oil cleansing method once in a week.

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2. Say no to toners containing parabens:  Toners form an important part of your skin care regimen, but not those that come loaded with parabens. Opt for rose water as the most effective toner you can lay your hands on. Alternately, you can prepare green tea toner and store it in the refrigerator and use up to 2 to 3 days and prepare a fresh batch thereafter. Apply this toner with a cotton ball to give your skin an antioxidant boost everyday and also to tone the skin.

3. Make Sunscreen your best friend: The first and foremost thing is that, you should avoid getting tanned altogether. Get a good sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection. Also, avoid stepping out during this time, 10 am to 4 pm is when the sun rays are the harshest. Along with diligently applying the sunscreen, carry along umbrella and scarf to protect face and hair. If you have already got tanned, while you go for bath, carry some curd (preferably homemade) to the bathroom. Apply on your body and bathe as usual. Do this daily. This will keep your skin hydrated and remove tan.

4. Moisturize your skin: Your skin shouldn’t look dry and parched during the wedding rituals. Massage your skin with pure olive oil every day after bathing and even then, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of body lotions. Use a good quality body lotion twice daily, once after bath and once before going to bed. As far as face is concerned, I think honey is one fine thing that suits almost every skin type. Apply honey on the face and neck every alternate day as honey is a natural humectants. While going to bed, use a night cream, a foot cream, and also a hand cream so that you get up feeling soft and nourished. If possible, mix a few drops of lemon juice with water and dab it on the face. Let it dry and then, apply the night cream. This will enable you to lighten complexion naturally with overnight treatment if your skin is happy with lemon juice but refrain from using it if you have irritation.

5. Go for a relaxing facial once in 21 days:  Although frequent facials are not recommended, pampering your skin once in 21 days will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. If you have 3 months in hand, you can get 4 facial sessions, in a way that the last session is 2 days before your wedding. Choose the facial that suits you and get it done by expert hands. You may also want to try out some tested homemade facials if you are not comfortable with the kits available in the market.

6. Opt for homemade face packs: We can vouch for the fact that homemade face packs do work. Pick from a list of these 20 homemade face packs for glowing and radiant skin (7 Homemade Face Packs for Instant Glow).

7. Drink loads of water: We cannot stress enough how water can transform your skin, hair, and even help you shed some pounds. Do not forget to sip in a glass of hot water with lemon in it the first thing in the morning to make your body alkaline so that there is reduced inflammation and as a result, your skin would become radiant and gorgeous. Do not stop at eight glasses of water, drink way more than that.

8. Remove your makeup and sleep with a clean face: Before you hit the bed, take down every bit of makeup. Use a good cleansing oil to take down pollutants, impurities and of course makeup from your face so that your skin can breathe and repair itself while you sleep.

These tips are absolutely basic. It is not necessary that only would-be brides should follow them. However, women become beauty conscious when they plan marriage and hence, this article. Start when there are two or three months left and you would surely benefit.

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