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Arshdep K. asks:

Hi All,

I had got hair rebonding done around 1-1/2 years ago. I am scared that if I go for frequent rebonding sessions, it would damage my hair and result in premature greying. Is this true?

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10 thoughts on “Premature Greying Due To Hair Rebonding: Ask IMBB

  1. Arshdep,
    premature greying of hair can happen due to a no. of reasons like stress, coloring your hair, improper diet, pollution and genetic factors too.
    As far as I know, rebonding can lead to greater damage of hair, but I dont think it can lead to greying…ummm, but there cud me a minor chance since a lot of chemicals are used in the rebonding process.

    1. I’ve done hair rebonding and it’s been almost an year now. I’ve noticed this premature graying. I’m worried now. I never had white hair before except two or three now my scalp is filled with white hairs which are not even countable anymore. Plz don’t go for rebonding it leads to hair fall, hair damaging and premature graying 🙁

  2. I am not sure if its the case woth everybody but my hair did suffer from this after continuous re-bonding sessions for 3 yrs. :methinks: It was fine till the 3rd time.Only in the 4th session which i got done after 4 months of the previous one did i notice three grey strands which were not there earlier.It was kind of sudden and the 3 strands are still there.Its was like the strands lost there color overnight as its not possible to have full length grey strands overnight. 😥 i do feel the chemical in the rebonding treatment is the reason behind it . I will suggest you keep at least a yrs gap between rebonding sessions. :haanji: And if possible Avoid it. 😛

  3. I got my hair re-bonded once.. Thank God it did not lead to greying of hair.. However rebonding definitely damages your hair.. I agree with Jyoti… Stay away if possible.. :nababana: :nababana: :nababana:

    Bdw Jyo.. When is ur next update coming??? :waiting: :waiting:

  4. i have rebonded hair too….no greying, but it definitely left my hair extremely dry and frizzy…my new hair (read original) are now more frizzy than ever….try avoiding rebonding if you can…. :))

  5. hey Arshdep,
    as far as i know rebonding will not lead to premature greying. yes it might damage your hair in terms of excessive dryness or frizz if not done by a technically sound person. ideally when you go for a touch up they leave 2 cms approx. area from the scalp i.e. they leave the roots so do not worry. yes , rebonding strips off the artificial hair colours but to an extent. i would just say that, if you wish to go for rebonding make sure your hairstylist is technically perfect. 😉

  6. A safer and better alternative for rebonding is Smoothing (Keratin complex smoothing treatment or the “Brazilian blowout”) for straightening hair. This treatment does not let the chemicals penetrate in the hair but the chemicals are coated around the hair strands which does not damage them from the roots or does not damage the hair follicle. I might not be entirely correct about the funda but have read it in several articles that smoothing is safer and does not damage the hair. :pompom: :high5:

  7. Hi Arshdep,

    Yes , regular rebonding definitely contributes to premature greying , from my personal experience.My parents never had premature greying problems,….they had jet black hair till hitting their forties , so this was never one of my concerns .However , After rebondong my hair twice I saw my first couple at 25.I was mortified .I was not sure of the reason though.But have noticed that one of my who regularly rebonds also ended up with a couple of grey hair.We did it at a really reputable and top notch salon which cost $300.I rebonded for the third time and got another couple more .However , I have stopped rebondonding after 2010 and now I dont have a single premature greyed hair.

  8. Actually it wont lead to premature greying.. it will actually make your a type of brownish color.. which you can overcome it by using various packs.. henna pack and other hair pack

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