Presenting ‘Tontouring’ – The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique

Hi ladies!

No, I didn’t misspell contouring! First there was contouring (the whole makeup world went crazy), then strobing, clown contouring and baking and now there is ‘tontouring’. Let’s find out more about this new technique in today’s post.

Presenting 'Tontouring' - The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique 1

What is Tontouring?

Presenting 'Tontouring' - The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique 2

This is the simpler version of the good ol’ contouring, developed by Marissa Carter. She also coined this term. Tontouring requires different shades of self tanner, and that is it. You do not need all those usual palettes of cosmetics to achieve the look.

Why Should You Tontour?

• It is a low maintenance look
• You only have to apply it once a week (Oh yes, you heard it right!)
• You do not need too many products, just makeup brushes and different shades of self-tanner

Presenting 'Tontouring' - The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique

• You will wake up looking naturally and perfectly contoured
• This is perfect for those lazy bums out there who find the process of contouring tedious and long

Things to Keep in Mind:

• You need to use oil-free products which suit all skin types as you don’t want to deal with clogged pores because of all the excess oils
• You need to have a good understanding of contouring; this technique is not for the new entrants in the makeup world as you can easily go wrong with this one

Steps to Perfectly Tontour Your Face:

• Apply a gradual self-tanner all over the face and neck to have an overall subtle sun kissed look

• Use a foundation brush to apply a darker shade of self tanner to your forehead keeping it closer to your hairline

• Now use a contour brush to apply under your cheekbones, down the sides and also on the tip of your nose and blend, blend, blend to avoid streaks

Presenting 'Tontouring' - The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique 3


• If you think there is something wrong with the look, then you can use equal parts of lemon juice and baking soda to remove the self tanner. You can also use products from the market to remove self tanner.

• It easily stays on your face for 4-5 days; you don’t need reapplications, but you can so easily go wrong with this technique.

So tell me your thoughts! Is ‘Tontouring’ a yay or nay for you? Would you like to try it?

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5 thoughts on “Presenting ‘Tontouring’ – The Best Low Maintenance Contouring Technique

  1. Contouring sure is a difficult technique to master, but this one seems way too much to handle to a commitment phobic like me. I cannot imagine using a tanner on my skin too. I had no idea about this technique, thanks for enlightening.

  2. Funnily this article reminds me of an episode of FRIENDS and also how horribly the self tanning can go wrong.
    That was funny but this is not. This is just great. I’m sure someday I’ll master contouring and then will I be enough courageous to try out tontouring as well. But for now I would be on a safe side. ???

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