How to Prevent Dry Skin on Face in Winter

How to Prevent Dry Skin on Face in Winter

With the winters just round the corner,dry skin would like to snuggle deep inside some moisture treatment, while moisturizers work fine for summer and monsoon, dry skin needs a protective layer on the skin rather than some moisture, so you need to look for something like an ointment with an oil base to prevent dry skin. Apart from that there are many steps you can inculcate in your routine to prevent dryness on the face this winter.

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Winter air that is so cool and dry, really is the main cause of dryness on the face. Sunscreen helps a lot in winters too, apply it before 30 minutes of stepping out into the sun, this will prevent dryness related to sun damage.

Choose your face oil like avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil. If you love to pat oil on the face skip shea products or butter since it would sit on the skin and clog the pores.Start reading the labels carefully for these oils in your products as well.

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Your face cleaners should contain extra amounts of fatty substances or oil such as lanolin, cocoa butter, or coconut oil during the winters. Soaps with fragrance will cause dryness, regular soaps will rip your skin off moisture.

We all know what excess heating system indoors can do to the skin, it will not only cause moisture deficiency but also cause excessive dryness, use a humidifier if you are in a dry climate in winters.

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Do not take prolonged hot water showers, this will cause dryness, limit your shower time in hot water and keep the temperature comfortable not too hot.

Choose your products carefully, anti-ageing products, toners etc need to meant for dry skin or else regular ones will cause more dryness.

When using your dry skin cream or moisturiser, it works better on mildly scrubbed skin, use a sugar scrub regularly to make your creams work faster and better.


For very dry skin, apply extra virgin coconut oil on cleansed face. Use a warm, wet washcloth to massage the oil into the skin. Wipe off with the washcloth, oil cleansing method works great for dry skin in winters.

Use purified water to cleanse and rinse your face, tap water might be loaded with chemicals that further dry up your skin in the winters, I am all for purified water for hair and face rinsing.

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