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Nisharani R. Asks:

How to prevent split ends. I apply oil frequently, but that is not working, please tell me what I can do to prevent split ends?

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9 thoughts on “How To Prevent Split Ends: Ask IMBB

  1. besides what Surabhi said, a trim is very essential every 3 months depending on quickly your hair grows. a good conditioner is a must.

  2. get split ends cleared from a dresser every 15 can do it urself too.oiling and conditioning are a must

  3. dont towel dry ur hair too briskly….try n tie the fold the ends of ur hair regularly..keep ur hair open minimum if open air..i mean while travelling….

  4. Hey,
    I have thick curly hair which used to be dry and frizzy but I saw a big difference in my hair texture after i switched to a wooden comb. Breakage and split ends reduced by more than 50%. Also try mashed avocado on the ends once a week an hour before you wash.

  5. Most carrier oils cannot support vitamin contents alone, try mixing 5 capsules of cod liver oil to 50 to 80 ml of coconut or olive oil, or the mixture of two.Cod liver oil is saturated in omega 3 fatty acid, which is known to enhance hair growth, but intaking of the capsules sometimes causes mercury poisioning, so the capsules should not be taken internally without medical signals. Its perfectly safe to use the oil for massage.Dip split end into the oil, don’t rub hard, give a gentle massage, followed by turban therapy if possible. Hot irons, perming, hair smoothening, hair rebonding are a definite no no if you want to avoid such situations.

  6. Hi there,
    I am also having the same problem along with da ritual dat I can’t cut my hair for 1long year cos I recently gt married. So wat to do?

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