How To Prevent Straightened Hair From Curling Up: Ask IMBB

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Diksha asks:

Hey IMBB Beauties,

I have really curly hair and I straighten it almost every other day. About an hour after I straighten it, the ends curl and the rest of my hair gets all wavy. It looks very messy 🙁 Please suggest is there a way to keep my hair perfectly straightened long after I do it ? I do condition my hair and use a leave-in serum but nothing works. Please help as I have to attend my convocation in coming week and I don’t want my hair to look like a bee-hive!

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11 thoughts on “How To Prevent Straightened Hair From Curling Up: Ask IMBB

  1. DIkash ..the problem is not your hair ..the problem is the straightening tool that u r using … opt for a hi quality tool that heats upto atleast 200C… that will give a an amazing affect which will last till the naxt wash… spray a good heat protection spray and u r set.. tmany good straithners have been review at IMBB and heat sprays also 🙂 hair spray plays the last and most insignificant role in any hair syle .. and the texture of the hair matters to am extent..but the heat tool and how u use it makes all the difference to a hairstly..invest in a good tool … which will last u ages 🙂

  2. In addition to everything that has been said, use a straightening shampoo and conditioner before you straighten your hair and agree with Nidhi – the heat should be turned up to at least 200. Refrain from touching your hair too often once you have straightened it.

  3. You should take thin sections to get optimal straightening. Also the iron you use counts. Use a good paddle brush.
    If you have thin hair use a thermal protectant spray and for thick hair use a cream.
    Spritz ends with bit of hair spray.
    Dont touch your hair after straightening and leave it to cool off.

  4. I have the same problem – my hair starts curling up a while after straightening. When exactly do we use the heat spray? Before or after using the flat iron?

    1. Hey Fab 🙂 … u have to use the spray before u start with straightening ….to protect ur precious hair from excessive heat 🙂

  5. I had the same problem like u jomol..until i bought a good quality hair straightener..i bought a remmington is expensive but it keeps my hair silk straight until my next wash…n yes even if i tie my hair after that it doesnt get curls. It goes upto 220degrees..but 180 is enough for me.also, please dont comb your hair immediately after straightening..u can run your fingers through it..hope i helped!

  6. Hi Diksha,

    I have the same problem as you. I have stubbornly curly hair (actually between wavy and curly, like big curls). I straighten it a couple times a week, and 2-3 hours later , they lose their straightness. The more i use a straightener or a curler i use, the drier my hair will be.

    Your hair being curly, means your hair is dry. If you straight it everyday – your hair will become even drier. If you can skip 1 day in between straightening – that would help locking in some moisture.
    Moisturizing hair with natural products would be helpful in keep intact the moisture.

    The easy and quick solution would be to use a good mousse or a hair spray. Brand and quality would really depend on you.

    Hope i was helpful, as i have the same problem.

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