How to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdown

hat prevent meltdownsummer has been my favorite season since childhood, No matter how hot it is, or how scorching the heat is, I prefer summer anyday above the rainy season. Not just for cottons, bright colors, ice creams and sunglasses, I love summer because its not messy like the rainy season. Dubai is sizzling hot, I mean the heat and summer here are one of their kinds. The summer has not yet begun here, but the temperature is almost at the boiling point. Indian summer is way cooler and better.

Although everything is air conditioned here, we have to think on what makeup should be worn here to prevent makeup meltdown. Even a little walk in the sun and you can actually feel the sweat washing away your makeup. Minimal makeup is a solution but I prefer wearing my regular makeup in a proper way so that it stays in place for at least few hours. Here are few tips on avoiding makeup meltdown this summer.

Let’s start with the foundation. summer means sweat and oily skin, choosing the right foundation is very important. I prefer the Maxfactor Skin Miracle foundation with my neutrogena healthy skin compact makeup SPF 55. The layers of moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer and the compact must be depleted. The more the layers the more they will slide and slip, making your face look like a pallette of mixed colors with some mushy lipstick and gooey mascara. Get a nice primer for the pores, remember summers = oily skin and a perfect foundation with an awesome coverage for the summer. Remember, primers and humidity do not go hand in hand so be careful whilst picking up your primer, pick an oil free formula. I am using my Bare Escentuals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer which I picked from Sephora, 2 weeks before. Loose powders and compacts are great for touch ups.

eye makeup meltdownNext, the liquid cosmetics in any form must be avoided. Pencil eyeliners and gel liners are good for summers. Give up on liquid liners at least for the summer. Pick lip liners instead of lipsticks. Lipsticks tend to bleed in the summer, be it the light shades or the dark ones. Moreover, some lipsticks tend to settle in the lip lines giving a not so good looking lips appearance. Lip liners will stay in place for long hours.Just fill in your lips with the lip pencil. If you are not a matte person and love gloss, dab on some gloss on the lip liners. Remember some gloss at the middle of the lip not a lot of it. If you do not want a lot of shine and pout dab on some lip balm on the lip lined lips. Pick powders. Be it a blush, foundation or a bronzer. Pick powdered cosmetics for summer. Cream and liquid formulas tend to melt as I mentioned before.

People like Rati who have squeaky dry skin can opt for the cream based cosmetics too. 😛 For the combination skinned women like me, you can use a mattfying gel below the powders so that the powdered cosmetics can stick to your skin and remain there for few hours. Mineral makeup is the best choice for preventing summer makeup meltdown. Eye makeup is always something to take care of during summers, eye makeup creases and fades very easily in summer. Hence a nice eye base is very important to keep the shadow in place and neutralize the lids. MAC paintpots are great bases. No layering of eyeshadows.

The kohl and the mascara are always the” things to look after “ in the summer. My kohl always smudges, ughh and I hate it. Waterproof mascaras do work but that can certainly have an ill effect on the eyelashes making them brittle and dry. Use a tube technology mascara which has microfibres which lengthen the lashes. The mascaras stay on in the humid and hot climates.

Touch ups in summer are very essential so do not forget to carry your compact, blotting sheets and lip liner along. Blotting sheets are such angels in the scorching heat, Clean & Clear have awesome blotting sheets and even The Body Shop has great absorbing sheets. These will suck up the excessive oil on your face keeping the makeup in its supposed place.

Not just wearing the right makeup is important in summer but also storing them in the right way is important because summer can meltdown your lippies, smoosh your pencils and liquify your other cosmetics. Ziplock your cosmetics and refrigerate them. You can get them out sometime before applying them.

Enjoy the last few days of summer without meltdown, the rains are just around the corner.:)

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34 thoughts on “How to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdown

    1. awesome..its all cloudy here in Hyd in gachibowli..hope it rains. its my favourite weather (except when i have to travel)

        1. yep it has.. the monsoons have hit kerala. Im like you zeeba, I like summer. I hated the rains, but now I see it as an opportunity to dress in winter things! Not going that far though.

  1. zeeba what lovely tips :puchhi:
    i always have make up meltdown during summer even though i wear just powder.
    i have clean clear blto sheets they are the bestest :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. :X-P: 😉 thank Rauni.. 🙂 meltdowns are sooo normal in summmmmmers… they are horrifying……clean n clear blot sheets are simply the bestessshhhttttttt :X-P:

  2. Nice post Zeeba :yes: :yes: I wear oly my lotus aloe gel and tinted lip balm while gng out :stars: :stars: Even the lip balm bleeds :weep: :weep: ill try lip liners now :thanks: :thanks:

    1. i knw…the poor balm also bleeedss..and makes my lips look like i have just had chicken biryani.. 😛 :toothygrin: :yikes: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. :pompom: :pompom: nice article zeeba..

    i have an extremely oily-acne prone which concealer/primer shud i go for..can any1 help me :announce: :angel:

    1. for starting up….pick oriflame wala concealer …skin correctore..or the absolute one for the eyes…primer is also good from oriflame…

  4. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for the article zeeba.. i too hav dry skin but it tends to get oily in this hot weather.. i’m sure gonna pick up blotting papers-the angels :specs: :specs: :angel: :angel:

  5. the thing about oily skin going into an overdrive in summer is so true. and yes i find eyemakeup the most problem area in the summers.. for my lips i sticks to mattes during summers. however pretty and summery gloss is , in summers it just makes me look like an oil spill.

  6. u like summers inspite of staying in Dubai??? 😯 😯 😯 😯 ….i hate summers from the core of my makes me tan….oily etc 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 …..but ur tips are worth to remember…..nice post zeeba… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. hehahhehhaheae…….I have jus relocated Tina…and summers be it anywhere I love them…. 🙂 ……. thanks for liking my post.

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