Primer Vs Makeup Setting Spray

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Have you ever thought about what is the best thing to help you set your makeup? Though, you may find the term primer really familiar, you should know what a makeup setting spray is (as it goes unacknowledged by most people). And ultimately, which one’s better over the other and why? Here’s a guide for you.

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What is a Primer?

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Well, a primer is generally formulated in form of creams, gels or foundations (or anything like that). What do you think they are basically made for? – To be used as a base before makeup so that your makeup goes smoothly and stays in for a longer time. Especially, when in a humid weather or in summers, a primer is a boon and works great to keep the makeup stay as it is for a longer time.

What do you think of a primer? OR What are some points that you need to know about a primer?
• A primer, generally, comes in the form of a cream or gel.
• A primer helps to fill in the fine lines on your face so that the makeup goes smoothly and a matte look can be achieved.
• A primer helps to maintain the hydration of your facial skin. Though it is considered that makeup can sometimes harm your skin, on the other hand, the primer is not considered to be harmful, but in fact, maintains the hydration of the skin.
• The most known fact – A primer helps your makeup to stay longer.
• A primer would help you to lessen the amount of makeup that you need.
• It helps the makeup to sit faster on your face.
• Though it can be a bit pricey and expensive, it is something you need to invest in.
• It smoothes out the skin (well, most people know that).
• It can be applied with makeup brushes, but makeup experts generally advise the use of fingertips to apply primer effectively.

What is a Makeup Setting Spray?

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As the name suggests, it actually helps to set the makeup. Just the way your hairspray helps to keep your hair/hairstyle in place, a makeup setting spray works the same. It can, definitely, be called the finishing touch which not only enhances your look but also helps your skin to look slightly glossier.

And, about makeup setting sprays?
• A makeup setting spray, at the first place, sets the makeup.
• It helps to finish your makeup look, last your makeup longer and add gloss to your makeup at the end.
• It helps to get a slightly glossier look after makeup.
• It adds shine to your skin.
• It is easier to use and is not at all time-consuming. It is as easy as using a hair spray.
• It comes in a budget.

Primer Versus Makeup Setting Spray?

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Besides the fact that both the products – primer and setting spray, help to enhance your makeup and look and help it stay a little longer; they are applied differently. A primer, on one hand, is applied pre-makeup, whereas, a makeup setting spray is applied post-makeup. Though both are a boon to those who want to keep their makeup in place and at the same – enhance it, it is important to know if any one of them is better than the other or not! Or, at least, one even might want to know if they can be used together or not?

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VERDICT! If you are not really satisfied with the way your makeup goes on your washed and moisturized face, you should opt for a primer. A primer is the base when it comes to getting into the perfect makeup. If you start good, you’ll complete it the best way. And, most of us want a matte makeup look. A primer helps you to get one by simply filling up the fine lines and, in some way or the other, your small pores as well and ensures that your further makeup products go evenly on your skin surface giving you a smooth makeup. But then, you want your makeup to get a simple finishing/final touch that’ll make your makeup to stay longer. Though, primer not only smoothens your skin out but also helps your makeup to stay in place and that too for long; a makeup setting spray could help you to get the gloss (sorry for repeating, it is too tempting) and help makeup stay long-errrr, and prevents makeup from fading, smudging, spoiling due to sweat, sebum and what not!

Need a summary?

When to opt only for a primer?
When you need a base cream that will smooth out your skin pre-makeup. Both primer and makeup setting spray help your makeup to stay longer, but only a primer will help you to smooth out your skin and fill your fine lines.

When to opt for only setting spray and ditch the primer?
No cons, makeup freaks. In case, you already have smooth and even skin and no lines, you know that your makeup will already go smoothly on your skin. No primer is needed; get a good makeup setting spray.

When to opt for both – primer and setting spray?
When you want to!

What is your favorite way to set you makeup? Is it a primer? Or, a super-favourite makeup setting spray? Or maybe both? Share with us in the comments below!

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