Pro Botanix Anti-frizz Conditioner Review

By Nancy Shaw

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Today I am going to review on pro-botanix anti-frizz conditioner with Shea butter, by Raaga Professional. This came in a gift set along with a shampoo and a serum. Yes, this belongs to that awesome set. I absolutely love this product. This hair wash set is really nice and complete in itself, right from washing to conditioning. I am really happy I came across these products. Now let’s talk in detail about the conditioner.
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Price– Rs. 175

Amount-100 ml

Expiry – Nearly 2 years.

Packaging– Round sturdy plastic body, it’s a tub. It is travel-friendly though.


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Claims-Pro-botanix anti-frizz conditioner with goodness of Shea butter helps in taming unruly frizzy hair. It also nourishes and moisturizes dry hair from root to tip. Shea butter is known for conditioning damaged and brittle hair because of its moisturizing properties.
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My experience with Pro Botanix Anti-frizz Conditioner :

It’s an amazing product.The conditioner has Shea Butter in it, the smell is amazing, you will be tempted to eat it :P. It is white in colour with the consistency of soft butter at room temperature. You have apply the conditioner on wet hair after shampooing, keep it for 5 mins and then wash it thoroughly. Towel dry your hair and let it dry naturally, don’t use a blow dryer. You don’t need a lot of product, for it to work nicely; a little amount will do the job. It smoothens out your hair very nicely, the frizz is gone, and your hair gets a new shine and bounce, your hair becomes lively than before. Your hair smells of shea butter, that’s really good for me at least. The hair gets a gorgeous shine and bounce, just perfect for the days when you want to keep your hair open. Once while shopping, a lady asked me about what I had used on my hair, I felt really nice the whole day thinking my hair are looking their best.

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There is no such con apart from the fact that it has a whole lot of chemicals. But some days, when I want my hair to be let loose, I use it and ignore that point for that time being. The tub could also be messy for some. Apart from, that there are no negatives.

Pros of Pro Botanix Anti-frizz Conditioner:

• Lives up to its claims.
• The hair is less frizzy and becomes smoother.
• Adds a nice bounce and freshness to the hair.
• Travel-friendly.
• Little amount does it, so the tub goes long way.

Cons of Pro Botanix Anti-frizz Conditioner:

• It comes in a tub, although that’s not con for me.
• Chemicals, there’s a lot of it, has parabens and EDTA and etc.
• Availability can be a problem, although it can be procured from a professional products selling shop or salon.

IMBB Rating- 4.5/5

Would I recommend Pro Botanix Anti-frizz Conditioner?

Yes, I would recommend it!

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