5 Pro Tips to Nail the Glitter Lip Look

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Glitter lips are trending now a days and it is not going away any time soon. If you want to oomph up your minimal makeup then, add some glitters to your lips. But, it is a tricky art and you need some patience to make it work. If you want to sport glitter lips and want to make it last for long, you should follow some basic steps. In this post, I will tell you about 5 basic tips that you must keep in mind, while doing a glitter lip look.

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Make sure that your lips are exfoliated well before starting your lip art. Glitters will look super patchy on the dry flaky lips. Exfoliate the lips with a mixture of honey and coffee. It keeps the lips soft by removing dead layers and also, plumps in up. You can also apply a thick layer of Boroline overnight to magically transform your lips by the next day.

2. Use Matte Lipstick as Base

Applying red lipstick on plump lips

A matte lipstick rarely moves out of the lip lines. If you want your glitters to stay in place, go for a matte base. The matte lipstick does not mix up with the glitters either, but works as a great canvas. You can apply the glitters directly on the lips too. But, to get a uniform canvas, a matte lipstick base works better. Try to use a shade closer to the glitter color you are applying. If you are planning a red glitter lip, Mac Ruby Woo is the best choice for you.

3. Use Glitter Glue

You can apply the glitter loosely on the lips, if you just want to take an instagram picture and then, remove the makeup after 5 minutes. But, if you want the glitters to last on the lips for longer, use a good makeup glue. Apply this glue over the matte lipstick base, using a small flat brush. Make sure that it is spread out evenly and covers all the area where you want to apply the glitters. Layer the glitter on it quickly, before the glue dries out.

4. Use Fine Makeup Glitters

Golden kiss

You should not use your craft glitters in your makeup. Try to grab some loose fine makeup glitters available in the market for creating glitter lips. Fine glitters work better than coarse glitters, as it adheres better to the lips and fills it up properly. Try to find a color that suits the mood, your outfit and makeup look perfectly.

5. Avoid Topping with a Gloss

If you want your glitters to look neat and stay in place; do not apply a gloss over it. The gloss will mix with the glitter which will end up fading and ruining the look. Glitters look good as it is. Also, retouching the glitter lips or topping it with balms if it feels dry can be problematic. Try to prep the lips in advance to avoid any dryness and layer nothing over the glitters.

Although glitter lips are trendy, it is a little tough to maintain the look for long. Try to avoid eating oily, spicy food and drinking something without a straw, when you have glitter lips on. Also, do follow these tips and pray to the Makeup Goddess. Hopefully, these will keep the sparkle on and fetch you complements for long.

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