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Barsha asks:


I am Barsha from West Bengal.  I am 23 with oily sensitive pimple prone skin.  My complexion is medium to fair, but to
pollution, dhoop, pimple scars, my skin became darker. Nose looks ugly because of blackheads.  Can you please suggest me some products and some DIY packs which would even out, whiten, brighten my skin, and fade my scars. I want glowing gori gori skin, like Rati di. Please remember my skin type. Waiting for your replies.

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26 thoughts on “Products To Brighten Skin: Ask IMBB

    1. *announce* Thanq jomo di.. *hihi*
      *happy dance*

      does ths pack remove nose blackheads?

      i hd visitd a homeopathy doc. He gv me a soap and biovalley anti marks cream.. It works but slowly slowly. *cry* *waa*

  1. Hi Barsha,
    I second Jomol… Exfoliate regularly.
    Ensure you use a sunscreen without fail.
    You must consult a derma they will give you products as per your skin type.
    Eat fruits with high content of Vitamin C.
    As for home made packs use kasturi Manjal, yoghurt, saffron, lemon, honey, tomato, potato all these are helpful.
    You can also try making a homemade vitamin C serum

    But don’t go over board! Love your skin:)

    1. Thanq vidhi di.I eat lots of seasonal no help.
      and dat vit c serum does nt work fr me. *cry*
      b4 bath m apply a pack using apka fav ambi haldi *hihi* ,yogurt, orange peel.. It gives me instant glow. *happy dance* but scars,blackheads ni jarhe.. *waaa*

    1. Thanx. Bt kama wala bht costly h. Maine ek dusre brand ka kumkumadi tailam use kia h.. Bt kuch fark ni pada. *waaa*

  2. Same skin type n aftr returning frm my native place my c0mplexion has turn dark n as cream doesnt suit me so i dont even use sunscreen..
    Once in a week that means every sunday i follow cleanup at home that is bn reviewed here.. N aftr returning frm offc i clean my face wth besan n den apply aloevera gel.. N alternate days home made face pack n scrub wth everyuth walnut scrub n sometyms fabindia ka neem tulsi scrub.. I even d0nt folow CTM dat giv pimples to me.. Lol

  3. grind a potato, and apply all over your face,also in the under eye area.u can also add gram flour with it(not for the eye area).its work like a magic i tell u *happydance* .a little messy preparation because the potato juice constantly drips..but potatoes are natural bleaching agents.try and see the magic *preen*

  4. Her Barsha, I am 23 with an oily mildly sensitive skin too. And I was in a hostel for % and a half years, so let me tell you what worked for me.

    * As Jomol said earlier, exfoliate regularly. Not too much. Twice a week or thrice max. You can get the commercial scrubs ( St Ives blemish and blackhead control works for me also the or homemade scrubs ( just dont use very harsh granuels coz it will irritate your pimples further). A scrub will reduce blackheads and prevent them

    * Mild soap free fash wash everyday. (my skin liked saslic and yes the Kama cleanser which is amazing). You could also keep a jar of besan, haldi and camphor powder mixed and use this mixed with water to clean your face. I alternate between all these.

    * The best toner you can possibly have ever is Gulabjal. Dont use the commercial toners which have alcohol in them.

    * Mild pimples that come out once in a while can be treated by clindamycin gel. ( my dermatologist suggested this, so you might want to go for a consult first).

    * Use a sunscreen daily. ( i like the lotus matte spf 40 one. it goes well with my oily skin but there are plenty of options in the market, take your pick. There are lots of reviews here on IMBB).

    * For the pimple and acne scars use nutmeg paste and raw cold milk. Apply this directly on the scars only everday. have patience adn you will see them fade.

    * Use homemade face packs atleast once a week. Orange peel Powder is good for oily skin. Dried green pea powder works for acne. Sandalwood powder, multani mitti, Masoor dal powder too. I made all the powders at home and kept them mixed in a jar. Mix it with rose water and a few drops of lime juice and you have an awesome face pack. you could also put some honey in it. Potato also works as a natural lightening agent.

    Sorry for the loooooong reply, but I had lots of skin problems and pimples too and these worked magically for me. One just has to be consistent and patient.

    1. *thankyou* swati di.. Inna saara remedies.. Only 4 me.. *drool* love u..muah muah muah mmmuah *announce* love u a lot *pompom*

  5. For bleackheads on nose- best way is to use katori wax. yes, u heard it right. wax your nose. the first time u wax, u will see how clean n smooth it becomes. n all the blackheds will come off when u peel off the wax.

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