How to Protect Hair from Sweat Damage

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You must be wondering how sweat can damage the hair when water is considered to be an integral part of our body. While sweat eliminates the toxins from the body, still it is considered bad for the hair. The salty composition of sweat can evaporate the moisture from hair, making your hair strands dry. In addition, it also evaporates the colour molecules, fading your hair dye sooner than expected. Moreover, sweat can dry out the scalp as well and retard the hair growth. Thus, to avoid these problems, here are some tips to protect the hair from sweat damage. So, let’s get into the details.

How to protect hair from sweat damage


Attractive woman washing hair with shampoo in shower

Shampoo can be used to remove the traces of sweat from the hair effectively. Whenever you experience heavy sweating, shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo. It will cleanse your hair properly without making it rough or dry. Moreover, the frequency of using a shampoo can totally depend on your hair type and how much you sweat.

Sweatband while workout

Experiencing sweat during and after the workout is a common thing. This should not prevent you from working out. To protect the hair while working out, use a sweatband. Not only it keeps the hair off the face, but also absorbs the sweat from the scalp. Sweatband can be considered the easiest way to protect your scalp from the sweat. Similarly, opt for moisture-absorbing hair ties that are gentler than your average regular elastics.

Right hairstyle

Hairstyle tutorial elegant bun with braid

The correct haircut and hairstyle play an important role in keeping hair healthy. If you have an active lifestyle, then you must opt for a haircut that makes the ends look neater. Long hair with an active lifestyle tends to get drier as it attracts more dirt from the environment. With well-maintained hair, it will be easier to shampoo and blow dry. Moreover, opt for the right hairstyle while working out to protect your hair from sweat damage. You can either go for a low bun or braided hair.

Try a leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners can also be used to protect the hair from sweat. Before stepping out, apply a leave-in conditioner properly. It will create a layer of moisture between your hair strands and sweat, protecting them from damage. The leave-in conditioner will not let your hair get dry. Moreover, it will protect your hair from the harmful environmental factors like UV rays. This method may not work for thin and limp hair but will work amazingly for medium to thick, curly, wavy, dry and frizzy hair.

Dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo can also be used to absorb the sweat and refresh up the scalp. However, the method does differ from the regular use. To make the dry shampoo work better without drying out the hair, apply some before stepping out for a workout or any other activity. It will keep absorbing the sweat effectively. The other method is to use a dry shampoo after your hair is sweaty. Just towel dry your hair to absorb the excess sweat and then apply it. Applying a dry shampoo over sweaty hair will make it more dry and rough.

Hair dryer method

In case you are in a hurry or do not want to wash your hair with a shampoo, then this method will be a blessing for you. All you need is a towel and a hairdryer. Dry your hair by absorbing the sweat with the help of a towel as much as possible. When you are done with absorbing excessive sweat from the hair, dry it off using the cool setting. Blow drying your hair on a low and cool setting will dry off the remaining sweat and freshen up the scalp. However, do not use the hot setting of your dryer as it may lead to dryness and damage.

Brushing the hair

Young woman brushing healthy hair in front of a mirror

Brushing up the hair will distribute the scalp’s natural oils evenly. The natural oils will effectively moisturize the scalp and hair strands, protecting them from sweat damage. A right hair brush will distribute the natural oils throughout the length and also break up any congestion on the scalp. Do not be too harsh on your hair while brushing it.

Hair mist

Hair mist is known to freshen up the hair by adding a nice fragrance to it. You can use a hair mist enriched with vitamins and other hydrating ingredients on your sweaty hair. It will instantly re-hydrate the hair strands and protects them from sweat.

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