How do Protein Shakes Help with Weight Loss?

It is a well-known fact that in order to lose weight, diet plays an essential role. Spending hours at the gym can be of no use if there is no control over food intake. In recent times, protein shakes have emerged as a popular health drink. It is designed to deliver important nutrients into the body that may not be readily available in daily meals. Moreover, our body loses a lot many nutrients while working out, and to replenish that reserve, protein shakes can come in handy. Protein shakes are also an easy addition to the diet as zero preparation is required. But what are protein shakes and how exactly do they help in losing weight? Read on to find out.

How do Protein Shakes Help with Weight Loss

1. Protein powders are simply that; they are different protein types made into powder. They are then mixed with water or milk to make protein shakes. Protein powders can have numerous sources – they could be purely plant – based like soy protein or dairy – based like casein protein. They usually contain all or most of the essential amino acids. Most people like to add some extra ingredients to convert it into a full meal, such as fresh fruit and leafy greens.

2. Protein shakes can help reduce feelings of hunger. Since they are filling and provide all the essential nutrients, they can prolong the feeling of satiation. At the molecular level, protein shakes can increase the levels of appetite – reducing hormones and reduce levels of hunger hormones. Both of these factors can cut down on midnight or midday cravings. You can replace meals with protein shakes to cut down calories. Here’s how you can do that.

3. Protein shakes can also make one eat less, automatically reducing the calories in the diet, leading to weight loss. Some research also suggests that protein intake can boost metabolism, enabling one to burn more calories. Protein shakes are also useful for high intensity exercise. It can prevent weight gain that usually occurs right after one stops exercising.

4. Because weight loss also causes muscle loss leading to slow metabolism, calorie uptake can increase drastically. This leads to excessive weight gain. But proteins are known to make up for the muscle loss and prevent metabolic slowdown. In this way, the amount of weight loss remains constant.

Here are 6 amazing recipes to make protein shakes.

But caution must also be taken while consuming protein shakes. Protein powders containing artificial sugar can in fact increase the number of calories in the diet. Either the calories in the usual diet should be reduced to make up for this increase, or, sugar-free protein powders must be used. The fewer the ingredients in the protein powder, the better. Moreover, protein shakes can also be wasteful as consuming excessive amount of protein has the same effects as consuming a normal amount. Hence, it is advised that a dietician is consulted before deviating from the recommended daily protein intake.

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