5 Proven Hair Treatments to Stop Receding Hairline

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Receding hairline is extremely common these days. And, the major reason is the unhealthy lifestyle we are leading. But, thanks to the technology, today there are a number of treatments to take care of receding hairline. Hair loss laser treatment is one of most common hair regrowth treatments. This is a relatively new concept to regrow hair in the market but even then it is gaining a lot of popularity. There are many more such hair treatments which target to revive the receding hairline.

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Thus, let’s have a look at some of the best hair treatments which will take care of receding hairline:

1. Lasercomb or Laserband

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They emit the lower level of laser waves to your hair. What it does is that the technique hits the dormant hair follicles and awakens them. They also increase the blood circulation and the oxygen level to your scalp so that your scalp gets the regular nutrient dose and, thus, the hair growth will be much more rapid. Many specialized salons offer such treatment at quite affordable prices in India.

2. Minoxidil

Another very common medication which is readily available at your nearest drug store. The medication is mostly taken to lower the blood pressure. But, one of the major side effects of the medicine is that it increases hair growth. The medicine is proved to increase the blood flow and oxygen flow to the hair. There is no scientific evidence to the fact that Minoxidil increases hair growth but hair doctors all over the world prescribe this to increase the hair growth.

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3. ACell + PRP Injection

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This is a non-surgical treatment in order to revive and treat your receding hairline. This is quite an advanced treatment which takes 90 minutes. Here, your own blood plasma is injected into your hair follicles. Your hair follicles grow with the help of this blood plasma only and there is a good healthy growth in your hair. Since this is a healthy hair growth with your own blood, it is one of the most sustainable and advisable hair treatment.

4. FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction is a technique of hair treatment which was used in earlier days but today it was reinvented and redefined and, thus, termed as FUE hair transplant. This is another minimal invasive hair regrowth treatment where hair follicle grafts are individually extracted from the donor hair type and then injected into the recipient thinning hair area. This process involves one by one injection and, thus, takes a lot of time and is only advisable when you are going through extremely pathetic hair loss.

5. Anthralin

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This is also known as Dritho Scalp which is known to treat your scalp issues. There was no scientific evidence to this medication also but doctors noticed that patients consuming this medicine are witnessing hair growth. And, thus, this medicine is prescribed to patients who are looking for a good hair growth without undergoing any surgical treatments. As per the doctor, the medicine can be taken daily for as many as 12 weeks in order to see the maximum benefits.

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