My Second Purchase from Ebay: Kabuki Brush

It was January and as usual I was surfing on net. With summers just round the corner, I ended up searching ebay for kabuki brushes because I desperately needed a compact small brush to keep in my college bag to apply loose powder. I saw many cute brushes on ebay, cheap ones which are great for makeup novice like me. In the end I set my eyes and heart in a retractable powder/kabuki brush. It was simply cute; little sleek black kabuki brush which would be great carry around with me.
kabuki brush
Okay so down to business, I checked the details; The brush was 4.17$ with free shipping. Wow, that’s like cherry on top of the cake. I quickly ran Riddhi into the room and pulled out my credit card from my wallet and typed away all the details- this was 30th January. Now all I had to do was wait. So I waited and waited and waited a little more.

February came and I didn’t receive any package from ebay. I got a little worried and contacted the seller. The seller (tamanala), I must admit, was very polite and fast in replying to my queries. I was told to wait a little longer because the packages were dispatched late due to their Chinese new year.
The seller assured me that the package will be sent after 7th feb and that it will take 10 to 15 days for the package to reach me. So again I did what I had to do – WAIT ! 2 weeks went by and it was time for me to go on a holiday trip to Dubai and I was hell worried coz my package had still not arrived. So I contacted the seller again and I was told that the package was sent and would reach me in some days. It was time for me to go and I told my neighbour to receive the package in case it arrived.

After I was back from the trip, there was still no package. This drove me insane and I contacted the seller again. The seller was consistent in replying to my queries that was the only thing I liked about the whole experience I had and I was told maybe package was lost; I was assured that they would resent the package again. AGAIN I waited … MARCH CAME AND I LOST IT… I started to threaten the seller that I would file a complaint with ebay if the package did not arrive and I was told they will resend. I demanded refund but was told they have resent the package.. 27th march and the package arrives… this is how I found my kabuki when I opened the package:
broken brush

DISASTER… I struggled to mend the brush somehow.. N PLOPPP !!!! I was left with 3 aluminium black casing of my retractable kabuki… hehehehehehe
broken kabuki brush
ADAMANT AS I AM, I SAT WITH MY GLUE GUN AND MENDED THE WHOLE BRUSH… now it is as good as new… so let’s review the brush. The brush comes in a nice sleek black casing having intricate silver design, the top cover of the brush has a bling diamond on it.
repaired brush

repaired brush top
The cover opens up to reveal a duo fibre brush which is veryyyyy soft, it isn’t rough on the face and picks up right amount of product because it is nice and dense brush. It is great for applying bronzers, loose powder and mineral foundation. The great thing about this brush is that I have been using this brush every single day since I got it to apply loose powder and not a single fibre Is shed. The brush did have a peculiar smell when it arrived but that went away when I washed it.

kabuki brush
The brush is great for travelling too because when your done, the brush retracts into the tube and then you can put the top cover and carry it anywhere with you.

Although the brush made me wait and wait and eventually made me angry as hell when it arrived- I somehow mended it and am able to enjoy using this brush every single day. Just a few weeks back another surprise waited for me in my inbox – it was a mail from Paypal which informed me that my full amount was refunded by the seller. The seller was kind enough to also send me a message saying that Hong Kong airport authority had become strict in checking all their outgoing packages, this was causing the delays and man- handling of the packages.

After every rain storm becomes out a bright shiny rainbow with clear skies – the refund and an awesome quality of the brush was one of the great things that stood out from the whole bad shopping experience. 🙂

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