Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask Review

Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask Review


This is another one of those purederm masks that I have hauled.  As stated earlier, these masks are easy to use, less messy, and there is no need to rinse it off after the sheet mask dries off.  This particular one, “Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask” is a bit different from the others that I have reviewed earlier because this comes in a bottle-shaped sachet and the sheet mask is of a different material.  Let’s find out more about it 🙂

Product Description:

Sheet Mask 1

Easy and effective skin recovery treatment enriched with Cacao Extract, Collagen, and Vitamin E.  Advanced formula with Cacao helps to restore skin elasticity and vitality.  Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face.




Rs. 100 for one sheet.

My Take on Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask:

The soft sheet mask that’s cut out to fit a face comes in a bottle-shaped sachet. Though there are pics of chocolate on the cover, this mask is completely fragrance free. Unlike other Purederm sheet masks, this one is “soaking wet” in all those essences mentioned on the pack (Cacao extract, Collagen, and Vitamin E).  The sheet masks that I have used earlier dried up within 15 minutes, but this sheet mask takes around 25 to 30 minutes to completely dry up.  This one is made up of very soft, pulp sheet that will not irritate the most sensitive skins.

Sheet Mask 5

The mask when applied on to the skin does not cause any stinging or irritation.  This is a one-time use mask and cannot be stored for future use.  The sheet comes securely packed in the bottle-shaped sachet.  I had a bit of a problem adjusting some sheet masks on to the face, but this one fits and sticks nicely on to the face.


After taking off the mask, skin appeared to be tighter and fresh though there was some stickiness left behind from the essence, but it can be wiped away with plain water.  Reiterating again that these are the best bet for the harsh summers, I am going to stock up more of these.  Its a good way to relax after spending a tiring day outside.  Can be used during travels also.  Also, keeping this mask in the refrigerator for half an before using helped me to relax better.


Summing up the pros and cons of this sheet mask:

Pros of Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask:

  • Sheet mask soaked in Cacao Extract, Collagen, and Vitamin E.
  • Tightens up the facial skin a bit.
  • One-time use mask made of natural pulp sheet that does not irritate the skin.
  • No stinging.
  • Fits and sticks to the face nicely.
  • Can be refrigerated for enhanced relaxing experience.
  • Nice sheet mask for summers.
  • Can be used during travels also.

Cons of Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask:

  • After taking off the sheet, the face feels a little sticky.
  • If you are not careful enough, the sheet tears away easily.

Would I Repurchase Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask?


IMBB Rating:


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16 thoughts on “Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask Review

  1. I thought it would look dark brown and chocolatey . Jomo , the packaging is soo cute no. :)) once i am back I will take recos for sheet masks from you. :))

  2. Nice! I had forgotten about Puredem masks Zomol..good that you posted this. 🙂
    Maine to kal IMBB chhaan mara and finally decided to get the Illuminating Arbutin wale masks for travelling purposes. :)I think they will serve me the best before attending weddings (mallu weddings ka to aapko pata hi hai :D)

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