Purederm Kiwi Yogurt Pack Review

Purederm Kiwi Yoghurt Pack

Hello everyone,

How are the summers treating you? Mumbai is yet to face the really scorching sun, thankfully. So everyone must be stocking up their summer essentials like face washes, moisturizers and the most important of all…. the sunscreen lotion. I am going to resort to natural face packs this time as I am still hunting for the best face pack that would suit me during summers.

Okay so I tried yet another pack from Purederm called the Kiwi Yoghurt Pack and was expecting atleast this pack to work after the not so great experience of using the Hydro Aloe pack and Grape Yoghurt pack.

purederm kiwi yogurt pack

This pack claims to soften, refresh and increase the elasticity of the skin.
So did it fare well and stand up to its claims? Keep reading to find out…

Product Description:
Wash off type mask
Yoghurt Extract –skin softening and refresher
Kiwi Extract – Brightening and increasing elasticity

purederm kiwi yogurt pack

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Rs.54 for 10ml
How to use:
Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
Open the pouch and apply the mask to face and massage evenly (except for eye and mouth area).
After 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water.


Image 4

It comes in a sachet. This is like a trial pack but I wish these were available in tubes.

My take on Purederm Kiwi Yoghurt Pack:
Earlier I have reviewed three packs from Purederm, namely, Strawberry Yoghurt Pack, Grape Yoghurt Pack and Hydro Aloe Pack. Out of these only the Strawberry Yoghurt pack worked for me well. I could have stuck to that instead of trying the other packs, but you know how it is, the hunt for something better and the excitement of trying new products never ceases.
Well, just like the Grape Yoghurt Pack and Hydro Aloe pack this too did not live up to its claims very well. 🙁 I used this exactly the way it was mentioned on the sachet

I took little amount from the sachet and massaged all over the face and it took quite sometime for the pack to absorb, say about 3-4 minutes and hence I did not reapply more pack immediately. I let the pack settle down and absorb completely before taking more from the sachet.
After washing it off, my skin felt quite soft and a little intact but the effects were not really long lasting. The effect lasted just for about 2 to 3hours. I have combination skin which gets oily in the T zone and cheeks too. I felt that this pack is way too creamy for oily skin types as the skin gets oily after 2-3 hours.

The fragrance is good but some may not like it. It didn’t smell exactly like the Kiwi fruit but quite close to it. This pack also has small green particles which seem to be the Kiwi extract. These particles are extremely fine and I didn’t feel them while massaging my face.

Image 5
The pack is white with slight tinge of green colour. It didn’t really work for my combination skin making my skin oily within few hours. So I assume dry skin would benefit from this product to some extent. Although it’s written on the pack that it is meant for all skin types, I don’t think it will suit oily skin types.
Although his pack did not cause any break out on my skin, there is nothing extra ordinary about it. So, I think I will stick to the Strawberry Yoghurt Pack for now unless I am really tempted to try other variants from this range 😀


  •  Softens the skin temporarily
  •  Easy to use
  •  One pack would last atleast 3 applications (for oily skin types, those with dry skin may need more quantity for a single massage)

• It softens the skin but the effects are temporary (about 2-3 hours)
• This pack is way to creamy for the oily skin types and makes the skin oily within 2-3 hours after its usage.
• I am not a great fan of the sachet packaging as it becomes inconvenient to store the left over pack.

2 on 5 🙁

Do I recommend this pack?
Not for the oily skin types, dry skin types may want to give it a try.
Will I repurchase this pack?
No, never…

Thank you all for reading. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Purederm Kiwi Yogurt Pack Review

  1. Nice review. 🙂 Will use this when its colder and my skin is drier. During the summers, i oil up so i’m gonna skip at this time. Thanks for heads up. 🙂

  2. Many purderm masks has cones :(:( and they have not worked for me as well.I have a combination skin more towards oily in summers 🙂

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