Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask Review

Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask

Hello beauties,

Purederm and montagne juenesse masks are very famous on IMBB and are present mostly in each girl’s closet. Nothing feels more relaxing than these masks. I love the creamy masks and sheet masks aw well from Purederm. This is part of the stock in my closet. I hoard a lot of these masks and use it whenever I get bored and tired. I bought this one online along with a few other mask treatments. I got attracted towards this as it had olive oil and olive oil is one of our favorites. Let’s see whether it fulfilled my expectations or not.

Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea  Butter Mask


Rs. 99 for 15 ml

What the company says:
Purederm botanical choice ultra-hydrating Shea butter mask “olive oil” contains a unique blend of Shea butter, olive oil and other natural ingredients (chamomile and rice bran) to provide intense moisture for your tired and dry skin. Plus olive oil helps nourish the skin , leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

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Directions of use:

• Thoroughly cleanse face
• Open sachet and apply evenly over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes and lip area.
• After 15-20 minutes rinse with water

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My experience with Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask:

This is one of the favorite brands when these cute masks come into consideration. The packaging is so cute and colorful that you really feel excited to stock them up and use. The packaging I guess is designed in such a girly way just to boost up their sales. This one comes in a parrot green packaging with cute girly colorful fonts. The size is really good which makes it easy to carry and even while stocking up it does not occupy much of the space in your closet. The “tear here” sign is already given so it becomes easy to open up the sachet. Now when I actually opened the sachet, I literally tore the upper half and I could not notice any product. Then finally I took a scissor and went even deeper then I could notice the mask which had accumulated at the bottom of the sachet. I thought the mask was supposed to be creamy in consistency instead it was very thick and I could not even take it onto my application brush, I think it had dried. This should not happen to products like these that mention a shelf life of 3 years.

purederm face pack

I had to put rose water to even out the consistency which could actually be applied to my face. The pack can be used atleast three times and can be easily stapled as the mask was very thick so no possibility of leakage. The mask is light parrot green in colour and looks very cute when applied. The smell is kind of artificial and it smells like a blend of coconut and olives. The smell was okay, not that happening and not that disgusting either. I applied it and it almost dried out in 10 minutes and yet there was no tight dry feeling. Later I washed it, it was easy to remove it and my face felt really soft and bright for the time being. The softness lasted but the brightness did not. It actually hydrated the skin well and made it even-toned. These masks are really pampering for your skin and your skin needs these masks at least once a week to quench their thirst.

shea butter face mask

Pros of Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask:

-Easily available online.
-A nice refreshing smell with a blend of olives and coconut.
-Does not take much of your time as this process gets done in 15 minutes or so.
-Can be used three times and can be stapled for further use.
-Hydrated the skin well and made it soft and bright.
-Attractive packaging.

Cons of Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask:

-The mask had dried up when I opened it to be used.
-The smell was not natural.
-The effects of the mask were temporary.

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Will I repurchase/recommend Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask?

Yes,  I keep on purchasing these masks and always will. I do recommend this as this one is suitable for every skin type and basically the funda is we mostly pick specialized products either for blemishes, fairness, ageing, acne and so on, but the main thing your skin needs is hydration, so pick this and let your skin feel free.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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    1. yaaaa Neha di *cry* but the thing is that they are available only online.. *waaa* and when we order we do not know the expiry dates *nababana* *nababana* mostly all the purederm masks that i ordered were manufactured in 2011.. i guess that is the reason *scared*

    1. yaaaa actually lot of stuff is out of stock… *cry* but medplusbeauty pe there are like 15 variants available… try any of them *hifive*

  1. ketla face pack lagave che ben.. modhu kharab thai jase *hihi* 😛
    coming to the review.. i have not tried any of these packs.. will give it a try in future… nice review Saloni *clap* *clap*

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