Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey Review

Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey Review

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I am a person who likes doing hair spa at home and I have planned to invest in a treatment for growth and improvement in the health of hair, so I think of really saving a few bucks that I would spend on hair spa. I usually get those big spa tubs or small one-time use packets which actually give out excellent results. This is the fourth time I have ordered this particular one and it is made up of honey which is actually the best to restore the health of the hair. So, let’s see how this cutie worked.



Rs. 75 for 1 pack which can be used once.

Product Description:

Purederm botanical choice vital radiance hair mask “honey” is a specially formulated hair treatment which provides the energy and radiance necessary to restore the beauty of hair weakened by colouring, bleaching and permanent wave products. Enriched with honey, grapefruit , sweet almond and shea butter, this richly textured creamy mask delivers deep nourishment to the hair shaft and works to smooth the hair scales in order to fix and enhance curl spring.

Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey 2

Directions For Use:

  • Apply a generous amount to hair after shampooing.
  • Comb to apply evenly.
  • Leave it on for 5-15 minutes depending on the porosity of hair.
  • Rinse and style as usual.


Hair Spa Ingredients

My Take on Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey:

So, it is quite a lot of times that I have used this one. Earlier, when I wanted to try it, I ordered a different pack which was a two-step process which had this mask as well as a shower cap and I thought that it might be a self- heating mask, but I was foolish enough to think that way, it was only a shower cap. So, I would tell you guys not to get that one, but this one. This one comes in the regular packaging of Purederm, which all of you might have seen. This one comes in a yellow packet which is convenient to store and easy to carry. The main ingredients are honey, sweet almond and shea butter and you all know the benefits of these.  Applying raw honey becomes sticky at times and difficult to wash, so this is a great alternative.

Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey 4

The texture of the hair mask is deliciously creamy and thick and glides so smoothly on hair that you will be amazed. It does not leak out of hair or create a mess because it is not runny at all. The aroma of the hair mask is great and smells like a blend of honey and beer, but beer is nowhere in the list, so don’t worry, it just smells like that. I tied my hair in a bun and kept it for half an hour after shampooing my hair. I thought the packet was for one-time use, but if you have shoulder length hair like mine and are frugal enough in using it, you may be able to use it twice. This stuff is supposed to be applied instead of the conditioner.  The smell makes me feel as if I am having a hair spa.  I washed my hair out and then let it air dry and did not apply serum just because I was not going out and yes my hair was very soft and silky and it also gave a shine to my hair which it had completely lost and also made my hair colour even looking and enhanced the light brown blonde colour.  After my hair was completely dry, I moved my fingers and there were no tangles, but of course I have porous ends, so the frizz had not gone, but that’s because I did not use a serum. When I use the serum, I get perfect, healthy looking hair. It gives an instant boost to dull and dry hair. Using it once a week or once in 15 days will give out good results and will help maintain hair from everyday pollution and dust.

Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey 5

Pros of Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey:

  • Available in some stores and online beauty websites.
  • Affordable.
  • Cheap as compared to hair spa.
  • Packet can be used twice if you have shoulder length hair.
  • Amazing fragrance which revives the senses.
  • Thick and creamy texture.
  • Glides very smoothly on the hair and does not leak.
  • Gives soft and smooth hair.
  • Makes dull and dry hair healthy looking and manageable.
  • Gives shine to hair, enhances hair colour.
  • Results last for 3-4 days.

Cons of Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey:

  • Not that easy to store once opened.
  • Does not control frizz, need to follow up with serum.
  • Not available in different sizes.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey?

Yes definitely, this is my fourth time and I keep on ordering it again and again and I have ordered other variants too, but yet to try them. These are affordable goodies and handy ones and the best alternative for hair spas that are professionally done.

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17 thoughts on “Purederm Vital Radiance Hair Mask – Honey Review

    1. I got it from a store Vrinda… *happy dance* but i think they are available on medplusbeauty *happydance* *happydance* *thankyou* *thankyou* very much *puchhi*

    1. Yes it does have Parmita *happy dance* *happy dance* you have to try the face masks and the hair masks *happydance* they are satisfactory *happy dance* *happy dance*

  1. hey..
    i am very lazy doing anything at home.. i have bought loreal hair mask last year but haven’t finished it yet. it should have been finished in 3months.. likewise i know many herbal home made hair masks which help me nourish my hair but still dont feel like creating and using ones.
    But seeing your purederms packets you have lured me to try these *drool* *drool* … now i should definitely try these as my hair texture has completely ruined and cant even let it open 🙁 🙁
    Good review!!! can you please let me know best hair masks which you are using and which will give best results *pigtail* *pigtail* (I have to get my hair ready for re bonding which you have taught *chudail* *happydance* *haan ji* )

    1. Neha these are the best handy ones that i am using *happydance* and i just use home remedies mainly the mixture of egg, yogurt, olive oil and honey… it works better than anything *happy dance* and schwarzkopf sealed ends that i have reviewed is what i am using currently and it is amazing… *happy dance* for a spa loreal blue wala tub called cream bath is the best *happy dance*

    1. I got it from the beauty shop in kandivali at mumbai *happy dance* although it is available on online websites too *pompom* *pompom*

  2. rofl no it did not control frizz Misha *nababana* *nababana* i had to use the serum to tame the frizz done *hifive* they are just some good deep conditioners *happy dance* *happy dance*

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