Purple Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Β Here is another quick makeup tutorial. It’s more of an evening party kinda look. The look is not too purply but does have a dash of purple to it. Hope you like it. πŸ™‚

Purple gold smoky eye makeup

Let’s start. πŸ™‚

1. Apply primer

2. Apply a wash of matte brown eyeshadow or come compact to create a super smooth surface.

3. Line your upper and lower lash line with a deep purple eye liner.

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4 $ 5 . Smudge the liner with a pencil brush.

6. Place the gold eyeshadow all over the lid. No worries if the eyeshadow goes on top of the smudged liner as well.

7 $ 8. Β Now take a matte taupe purple eyeshadow and apply it all over your socket / crease. Blend it so that there are no harsh edges and everything looks seamless.

9. Pick purple + black eyeshadow just on tip of a blending brush. Move your brush in little circles just on the corner of the eye. This would create the outer ‘V’ and add depth.

gold purple smokey eye

Β 10. Now take a matte creamy white eyeshadow and apply on your browbone. This would give that clean look to your eyes and add highlight.

11. On a pencil brush pick purple + black eyeshadow and softly smudge it on the lower lash line.

12. Apply some gold eyeshadow on the inner corner.

13 & 14 . Apply eye kohl on your waterline and on your upper lash line.

15. Smudge with a pencil brush. This would add that smokiness.

16. Curl lashes and apply masacra.

You are done!! :))

Products Used:

Sleek Oh! So Special Palette (Gataeu, Wrapped Up and Noir), Chambor Tattoo Liner in Purple Dazzle, MAC Smolder Kohl

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64 thoughts on “Purple Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. I love it!!
    I just bought a gold eyeshadow yesterday and this tutorial is just in time!
    Yayyy!! Cant wait for the weekedn to try this! πŸ™‚
    Thank you Rati! Awesome tutorial as usual!

  2. it looks really catchy!! πŸ™‚ …. @Rati i was hoping a full face photo, that way the actual effect would have been seen… nevertheless it looks amazing!!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Actually i would like to keep up with the frequency of the EOTDs and with full face shots it kinda goes down. With most outfit posts you do get to see my makeup anyway. πŸ™‚

        I would have gone with a peachy lipstick and a similar toned blush with this look.

        1. yes! me too was imagining peach would look good… πŸ™‚ … i had once tried a purple black smoky look and pink lips, it really makes heads turn!
          Yea the outfit posts do but then dont forget to include a close up in it πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  3. auuuuuuuuuuper look rati di! i actually taking notes from some of the tutes here! My sis in law’s marriage is aroind and she has asked me to do her makeup! Very excited and thrilled abotu it! Will share photos and let you guys know how it comes out!

  4. Amazing.. Just one suggestion.. Do tutorials in your old style.. Itz more appealing to us..also better to understand.. πŸ™‚

  5. Also Rati.. inspired by IMBB I have tried eye make up few times.. but sadly it was a disaster most of the times. Dunno what goes wrong. I can show you some pics.. can you suggest what went wrong and what should be done? I am really tempted to try smokey eyes.

      1. Read the links Rati.. veryyyy helpful. I think my problem is I cant keep the eye shadow within crease. It crosses crease near the corners. I’ll try one tomm itself.. and agar tab screwed up hua.. to i’ll send you the pic.. maybe then its easy to identify the problem.

      1. I know sweetie pie.. Missing ur faux paus posts.. πŸ™
        im soo bz with work this mth.. Cant wait for november to end.. Looking fwd to a relaxed december.. Nt feelin too well since yday.. Oh.. N i started brisk walking for the last ten days.. Feels good.. N encouraged to work harder.. Just that since yday feelin a bit under the weather.. πŸ™

  6. U wont believe Im wearing a purple suit on my sis
    marriage was thinking wat u do wid my wyes and this post solved my problem …
    U define every step so clearly … πŸ™‚

  7. Superrrrrrrrbbbbbbbb…. U’ve got lovely eyes rati..

    Mine are too small πŸ™
    Can u suggest how can i make dem look larger???

  8. you make it look so effortless but actually it’s not so!! πŸ™

    i generally stick to only one eyeshadow shade …coz blending becomes so messy!

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