Right Quantity of Sunscreen For Face and Body: Ask IMBB

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Sayani Dasgupta asks:

Hi Gang,

My mother has been using Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock for a week now.  I have read somewhere that if we don’t use the right quantity of sunscreen for face/body, the full SPF protection offered by the sunscreen cannot be achieved.  I bought this sunscreen after getting superb reviews from IMBB and hence asking those who have used it, could you please let me know the right amount to be used for face?

Comparison in terms of coin size would be great 🙂

Also, does this quantity remains same for all the sunscreens?

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6 thoughts on “Right Quantity of Sunscreen For Face and Body: Ask IMBB

  1. The exact quantity can’t be specified because it differs for every person. The correct amount should be enough to cover your skin. Don’t rub it in too vigorously.

  2. Sayani, one or two coin sizes should be enough to cover face and neck, more than that would make you uncomfortable. Actually, the fact is that you should be applying sunscreen half an hour before leaving the house and reapply it after every 3 hours 🙂

  3. I am really confused about the reapplication part,like i have makeup on,so wont it mess that up?
    or do i have to redo my makeup everytime i reapply sunscreen?

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