15 Questions To Ask On First Arranged Marriage Meeting

Arranged marriage meetings=Awkward! 😛 Haha, if you have gone through this process or are going to go through it, then we can tell you that first meeting can be awkward as you do not know the person at all and he/she is a complete stranger. There is nothing to be scared about such meetings, but we surely need the ice-breaker questions that can make the first meeting a little easy. We suggest some question that you can ask either to know the person or ease the situation a bit.

Arranged marriage

1. What do you do? : This is the easiest question and most of it opt it as the first question since you would always want to know what the other person does for a living.

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2. Whom do you have in your family? : You not only marry the guy, but the family! Hence make it easy and less awkward to ask about his/her entire family, who is he most close to, about their siblings, etc.

3. How close is he to his family?: This question shouldn’t come across rude, so be a little polite while asking it. This is basically to know whether he prefers a joint family or a nuclear family and whether his family values match yours or not.

4. What does he like doing in his free-time? : These days life is very hectic and we hardly find time to do things that we enjoy or like. Ask whether he likes to spend time at home or he likes to go see nature or he likes adventure or more. This will help get an idea whether you like the same things or not.

5. Do you want to get married or is there some pressure? : Again, be very polite while asking this. First understand whether the person is friendly or a bit reserved and then pop this question. A forced marriage can never work so make sure he is up for it.

6. The journey of his career: A person always talks a lot when asked about their life journey, career or studies. Because a person puts in a lot of efforts to be where they are and hence this is always a topic when the other one will open up.

7. Do you mind if I work? : This is a big question or a decision that can change your life completely. You might be ambitious and would want to continue with it. But there are still conservative or traditional families who do not want their “bahu” to work. Be open and talk it out!

8. What is your ideal girl like? : Every person has an ideal life partner in mind. It is not just looks but there are so many traits that a person looks out for when getting married, so ask about that.

9. Ask about eating habits: Veg, non-veg or egg-tarian! This is always one thing that you should know. Also ask for more food likes and dislikes.

10. What would be the perfect day like?

11. Does he like a house-wife or a working wife?

12. Does he like to watch movies at home or likes going to the theater?

13. What kind of music does he like? Bollywood or Hollywood!

14. How would you propose your girl for the first time? Make it fun, don’t be serious.

15. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years, career and family too?

These can be some basic and easy questions to lighten up a conversation. Also, keep it funny, add humour, don’t be very serious like you are taking or giving an interview. Keep the topics related to kids, finances, money and past relationships for future meetings if you plan to do.


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