Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For Greasy Hair



Hey Girls!
How are you all? I am sure we all have those days when we woke up with greasy hair and had no time to wash them. Also, when we have to hit the gym in the morning, it becomes impossible to do a hair wash that early! Especially in summers our hair tends to become oily due to excessive sweat! And for early morning office goers like me, washing our hair more than twice a week becomes simply impossible unless we are ready to sacrifice our early morning beauty sleep.

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

So today I’ll share with you a few quick morning fixes to tame your oily or sometimes frizzy hair.

Let’s begin!

• Use a Hair Dryer:

Oily, sticky hair can be a major put off for many of us in the mornings. Bring some instant lift to your roots by flipping your hair upside down, brushing your hair roots and with your hair dryer, blow some air to them. It will take less than 5 minutes to add that volume back!

• Change your Side-Part:

Flip your hair to the other side on which you never let them fall. It gives an instant lift and bounce to your hair. Also it will give you a different look this time. Try this trick girls, it really works!

• Use a Dry Shampoo:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

Use a dry shampoo in place of regular washing to save time. You can use baby talc too if you don’t have dry shampoo. This is one of the oldest tricks we all are aware off!

• Wash your Bangs and Crown:

Instead of washing your entire hair, just wash the front portion in the basin by clipping the rest of the hair. It will take 5 minutes to do the job and give a disguised fresh look!

• Hair Gel Hairstyle:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

You can hide your oily locks by wetting your hair and applying a few drops of the hair gel you’ve wanted to use for a long time! It will make you look like a celebrity. Try this tip if you are up for a bold look!

• Use a Thick Head Band:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

Use a thick head band to hide those oily roots. This will also help you create a new style statement. If you don’t have a headband handy, try the same trick with a scarf! It will give you a chic look.

• Side Braid:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

Try on a beautiful side braid to hide that extra oil off. Starting on one side of the forehead, braid the hair across to the other side of the face, and pin the braid end behind the ear.

• High Bun:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

Create a neat look by backcombing your hair tightly and making a high head bun. This is the lovely summery variation of a ballerina bun and always steals attention.

These are some super quick tips that you can follow to turn your bad hair day in a pretty good one. However, it’s always good to keep your tresses clean and odor free. Sweat and excess oil is a breeding ground for a lot of bacteria and fungi leading to dandruff, hair fall and an itchy scalp.

Below I am sharing some homemade hair spritzers’ recipes to camouflage greasy hair odor:

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

• Take half a cup of rose water; add 4-5 strands of saffron to it. Let it cool in the refrigerator for some time and fill this water in a spray bottle. Your on the go hair mist is ready for use!

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

• Add a small stick of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg to half a cup of water. Warm this water up and let it chill in the refrigerator for some time. Use this water to freshen up your smelly hair whenever you like.

Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For A Greasy Hair Day

• Take plain water and add a few drops of lavender essential oil (any floral fragrance of your preference) to it along with 2 drops of jojoba oil. This will not only give a nice fragrance to your hair but your hair will also benefit from the essential oil and jojoba oil.

These are a few simple DIY’s you can follow on a daily basis without any harmful effects.

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2 thoughts on “Quick And Easy Morning Hair Fixes For Greasy Hair

  1. High buns always come to rescue on such greasy days. I loooved the idea of hair spritzers. Gonna try them out for sure. But, I am yet to come across a dry shampoo that does not dry out my hair. :/

  2. I personally have a dry scalp, so I don’t have to deal with oily hair that often. But for those days when you have to roam around in the sun, these hair spritzers will definitely help me! Thanks Tanya 😀

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