Quick and Peppy-Colorful Makeup Look

Quick and Peppy-Colorful Makeup Look

Lately, I have been very busy (Read, lazy) and it feels like forever since I have written on IMBB. So here I am; back with a colorful and quick look.

The rains can be romantic and evoke cuddly, mushy feelings.

But, when it rains the whole day, and you are stuck in the house, there is dampness everywhere and you don’t want to step outside in the mud; gloom can set in pretty quick.

So, if you are feeling gloomy and want to pep up your mood and also of people around you, the quickest way is to don some bright, peppy colours.

But, you also don’t wanna look like a clown. So here is a simple, easy-to-do and quick look, that will make you feel fresh and WILL STAY EVEN IF YOU ARE CAUGHT UP IN THE RAINS!!!!!

So without further ado, let’s start painting!!!!!


Colourful and peppy look

  • On a cleansed, toned and moisturized face, dab concealer on the under eyes and blemishes.
  • Even out the skin tone with a tinted moisturizer or dab on a little compact powder.
  • The idea is to use minimum base makeup; so that you don’t start FLOWING if it starts to rain.

Colourful and peppy look


Colourful and peppy look

  • Start with a neutral brown eye shadow on the lid. Add a shimmery brown colour in the crease and highlight the brow bone. I am using the Maybelline Chai Latte colour quad for all the above.
  • Draw a thin line with a waterproof liquid eye liner on the upper lash line. I am using Lakmé Eye Artist pen.

Colourful and peppy look

3.    With a bright green/turquoise/teal pencil eye liner, draw a thick line on the lower lash line. I am using Chambor’s Eye Contour Pencil in 02 Guacamole.

Colourful and peppy look

4.    Apply waterproof mascara. I am using Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof mascara.

1.    Apply a swipe of a peachy pink blush. I am using Colorbar Peachy rose blush.

Colourful and peppy look


Velvet matte in Irish Rose

  • Apply a bright bubblegum pink lipstick or gloss as per your choice. The only requirement is that it should be BRIGHT.
  • I am using Colorbar Velvet matte in Irish Rose.

Velvet matte in Irish Rose

Complete look-

Colourful and peppy look

I hope all of you like it…. Love you all!!!!

What is your pick-me-up makeup product?????


43 thoughts on “Quick and Peppy-Colorful Makeup Look

  1. Hey Mrun….I wear a similar look with a couple of blue dresses / kurtas I hv….only diff is I generally use brown lipstick….the blue eye pencil I have is from Maxfactor…the teal color is soo gorgeous na!!

    You looking really nice…the lipstick is suiting u alot :yes:

    1. Nice look Mrun..Hey HD i got a max factor eye pencil yesterday, very easy to apply but it started fading away so soon 😥 earlier i was using bourjois and i think tht is better..wat you feel?any tips?

      1. ohh..hvnt used bourjois..but the one I hv from maxfactor takes some effort to be removed actually 🙂 try using a base for the eyeliner..that will help it keep in plc

  2. thats great M … i must use my blues now m so afraid of using them but i liked how u paired with browns and a pink lippie …
    u were MIA good to see ur post dear and i must also pick this mascara m out of mine :(:(:( i saw most u like this one right?

    1. Thanks Rashmi….
      You gotta use your colours girl… You looked lovely with the reds and teals and all!!!!

      And pleeeassse don’t get MAybelline’s mascara… i got it outta curiosity but I’m not liking it as much as my old Maxfactor one…

      Pleeeaassssee get the MF masterpiece one.. it’s awesssome!!!
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

  3. M, I loved the look and the blue and pink are going beautifully with each other. I have similar stuff. WIll definitely try it. :-* :-*

  4. Oops…. :silly: :silly:
    Wanted to look cute and perky…. :-(( :-((

    My fiancée says i can never look cute…. I always look hot…. :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: 😉 😉 😉

    OK that’s stretching the truth to the breaking point now!!!! :X-P: :X-P:
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

  5. Really liked the play of colour here…. I am always scared to pick up bold colours (read anything but black) for lining my eyes thinking i won’t be able to pull it off… these pics of yours are tempting!

  6. Mrun….same pinch…….I too have been lazy, but some hard kicks from Rati are working on me……Loved the look Mrun…its minimalistic yet colourful…you tuto encourages me to go for that teal look. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: . BTW, Mrun, the only feeling that rains evoke in me are yawny yawny sleepy sleepy :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

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