Five Quick on the go Chic Hairstyles

I’m showing these quick hair dos on my hair I do all the time as my hair is not straight and flat ironing is not possible everytime. Hope you like it, had put so much effort. Thanks.

Number 1: Bohemian Braid

• Do a side parting in front of your hair. The more to the ear side, the more better. Separate these front hair.
• Start French Braiding from the start of the partition.

• Do French braiding going towards the other ear.


• Do the simple braid with left over length of hair and secure it onto hair at back with a pin.


• Keep hair open or in ponytail.

Number 2: Let’s call this desi style

• Do the centre parting. Or Lil to the left or right as you like. Separate front hair and tie up back hair.


• Take a section on one side and twist it keeping the direction towards that side of ear.
• Hold that twist. Take another section under those hair with other hand and add it the first part.


• Twist them together.
• Do the same with one or two more strands.
• Now altogether twist them and secure tightly at the back of your head with a pin.


• Do the same on the other side.


This is my favorite one. It gives a caty/ sexy look on face and doesn’t require much make up.

Number 3: Japanese Bun – the quickest.

• Collect hair (a little higher) at the back of your head just like you doing a ponytail.
• When making the last stretch of the rubber band, just pull little hair out of it. Let the length of the hair hanging.


• Keep the hair bun/ half ponytail like this. You can add colourful sticks for the Japanese look.
• Not necessarily, but if you want you can make a little pompadour in front.


Number 4: Side twist Braid

• Collect all hair on one side and secure it with a small black or transparent rubber band leaving at least 7-8 inches hair loose above it. ( I’m using a colored rubber band for review purpose)
• Above the rubber band, make space like a hole with your fingers and hold it like that.


• Pick your hair from bottom and pull them through that space all the way to the other side.


• Accessorize it.


Number 5: Head band/ Fancy hair clip.

• Take any of these type of head bands which have elastic at the end. This will keep all hair intact.


• Just wear them simply with hair open or in a ponytail.
• Take section of hair in the front on any side and twist it going backwards. Use a fancy clip to secure it.




Hope you like the above hairdos. Uff I’m tired..:-DDD


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15 thoughts on “Five Quick on the go Chic Hairstyles

  1. This is simply toooo gooood 🙂 *happy dance* *happydance*
    These are so cool hairstyles… ll surely try them…. *jai ho*

  2. very nice hair styles lovleen. i used to make that 3rd one so much during college days. Totally forgot about it. I guess I am going to try doing it again. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  3. thanx a lot loveleen… great ideas.. i like the ponytail loop one..very simple and chic!! i am going to try some of them from these 🙂

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