Quick and Easy Party Hairstyles

Quick and Easy Party Hairstyles

Switching up your hair or creating a different hairstyle every now and then can really make a lot of difference in your look.


Here are my favourite top five party hairstyles that do not need the perfection of a hairstylist and can be recreated by anyone at home.

Top 3 Party Hairstyles:

• The low-slung side pony: Part your hair on the side and spritz some texturising hair spray to add some grip to your hair and make it easier to style. Now brush your hair to one side and tie them up in a loose ponytail. Strands that do not fit in can be twisted and pinned just above the ponytail band or can be loosely tucked behind your ear for a messy look. If you want more body in your hair then you can do so by adding curls in your ponytail.


• Messy ballerina bun: Damp your hair roots with water and then add a volumizing mousse to damp roots. Use a hair dryer and dry your hair upside down for maximum volume. If you’re short of time and want to cut back on drying time then spray on some hair texturiser on your hair for that much needed body and definition. Now pull your hair back using your fingers and twist into a bun just below your crown. Now carefully tease out or pull up the front sections using your fingers to give your hairstyle a flirty finish. Slip on an elastic hair band that you like to finish off the look. This messy updo is a guaranteed head turner for brunch parties.

• Swept Away: Flip hair upside down and then mist the hairspray all over i.e. from roots to the tip. Spray the bottom half of your hair while scrunching strands, and flip head back up. Tease the hair on the middle, back area of your scalp to build volume and also give some body to your hair so that the hairstyle does not fall flat after some time. Now, start by pulling and slightly twisting sections of hair toward the area you teased. To make things easier for yourself and also prevent your look from being lopsided keep in mind to pull sections from opposite side. Pin each section to the teased area and finish off by spritzing some shine spray all over and do. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can create as polished or as messy look as you want depending upon the occasion.


What is your favourite party hairstyle?

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