Quick Everyday Light Makeup Tips

Quick Everyday Light Makeup Tips

Hey Girls,
Makeup probably takes a long time to do doesn’t it? You probably need at least 30 minutes to an hour tops to complete your hair, makeup and outfit. There’s a way to save time on the makeup part. You’ll still look presentable and if your job requires you to wear makeup or you just want to look nice but still want that lightweight feel, here’s the answers to your problems. Read on girls! 😉

Remember it’s speed makeup, so it’s going to be quick. Rather then skipping steps which I’m sure you thought I was going to do so, we’re just going to minimize the tools. How? It’s a secret, but I’ll share. It’s all about pencil products! You might think that pencil products are just enough for touch-ups but you trust me, it’s enough for speedy makeup.

Makeup Steps:

Step 1:

Basic skincare is still important even if it’s speed makeup. Skincare plays a huge part on how your makeup will turn out. After cleansing, spray some facial mist on your skin to add moisture. If you keep facial mist in the refrigerator it’ll have a cooling effect and will reduce swelling.

Step 2:
We’re still on skincare. Apply emulsion or moisturizer to supply the needed moisture for your skin and finish this step off with sunscreen. We all know the importance of sunscreen. It’s our protector from UV rays and it’ll help prevent aging and dark spots.

Step 3:
Apply a primer as base to make your makeup last longer through out the day. I know you’re probably going to say you won’t have time but if you do so, you can just skip powdering.
Step 4:
Grab a high coverage concealer or any tinted moisturizer of your choice and apply on your chin, forehead and both cheeks in C shapes. Make sure this concealer is your shade and blend out with a makeup sponge. Makeup sponges actually help to make your makeup last longer. By using concealer as a base instead of foundation or BB Cream saves time and gives you coverage too. Another plus, it’s lightweight.

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Step 5:
Use the concealer to apply in areas that still require concealing. Then, grab a concealer lighter than your skin tone and use it to highlight or you could always use a highlighting pen. It’s going to give you a natural, healthy shine in the shortest amount of time.

Step 6:
Here you can opt for a cream blush or powder blush which can be applied in a really short time or you can contour. How? Well, you can use a concealer pen darker then your skin tone to contour. Just apply it to the areas of your choice and blend. If it’s not your cup of tea, you can always settle for a bronzing powder.
Step 7:
Finish off with some lipstick, lip tint or lip gloss and you’re done.

That’s it. Quick and light everyday makeup. It doesn’t take long to do. I’d say about 20 minutes to 30 minutes tops or maybe even less than that. Super easy and you can bring along your pencil products in your make-up purse to touch up. There’s also a reason why I didn’t apply any powder, I wanted it to look super natural and lightweight but powder is optional and you can apply after Step 5.
I hoped this has helped you somehow. Good luck girls! 🙂

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