Quick Fixes to Undo Your Makeup Mistakes

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My hands get very shaky and go on a funny vibration mode while doing makeup, especially while drawing that perfect winged eyeliner. That wobble plus my novice level eyeliner skills result in something you call horrendous. There are some other mistakes we all tend to commit again and again like over doing the blush, messed up eye shadows etc. Today’s article has some real quick fixes of some common mistakes you would love to know. Please keep on reading, there are just a scroll away from you.

makeup mistakes

1. Get Rid of Glitter/Pigment Fall-off

Take any brush with a thick body. Wrap micropore (hypoallergenic, breathable surgical tape) around it (on the non-bristles end obviously). Now, just gently roll over your brush where ever you see the glitter or pigment. It will pick it up all the mess without messing with your base so you don’t have to start over from the beginning. Yes, you can brush off that pigment but some pigments tend to leave their traces behind with that technique.

2. Harsh-edged Eyebrows:

thick brows

If your eyebrows are looking very harsh after you have filled them in, you just need a clean spoolie. Run in along the edges and clean it /give it a wipe, every time you run it through your brows. It will spread the pigment or pomade evenly. Also, the pigment will be reduced and harshness of the edges will also get softened.

3. Eye Shadow up to the Brows

Use your concealer as an eraser under your eyebrow to clean up ‘eye shadow taken very far’ mess. Take a very little quantity and keep a tissue handy to clean this brush every time you buff over faulty shadow application.

4. Uneven Blurred Wing

clean winged liner

Most of us can’t get that sharpest sharp wing in one go. Don’t worry, we have concealer (again) for our rescue. Take concealer on a flat angled brush and clean up under and above your wing to get a sharp on-fleek winged eye look under a minute.

5. Oops! Wrong Shade of Foundation Used

If you have used a lighter foundation, take your mildly pigmented non shimmery bronzer or contour powder and using little product in multiple strokes all over your face to tone down the lightness. If you have used a darker foundation, take your makeup sponge and a lighter shade pressed powder all over your face to match it with your neck which is looking lighter than your face.

6. The Nail-paint Woes

nail polish correction

Couldn’t apply your nail-paint perfectly? Don’t worry, take a fine makeup brush or q-tip, dip in it a nail polish remover and then run it along the messed over part to get rid of nail paint on from the edges and cuticle part.

7. Creased Concealer

Your under eye concealer is settling into the fine lines; so you need to do it take you makeup sponge and use it to soak that extra ‘creased’ concealer from the fine lines and quickly dab some setting powder from another end of the sponge to lock in the correction.

8. Over-done Blush

excess blush

Use your makeup sponge you used to do your foundation over your cheeks to soften your flashy blush. You can use your buffing brush as well in case you are not a makeup sponge person.

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