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By Aruna,

I had this big fat pimple on my nose right at the tip for the past few days which was horribly disgusting. I bought the Vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy. Rs 30 for 20 Vitamin E Capsules. One of the cheapest solutions ever. Broke one half of the capsule and applied it for about 45 mins and the other half to another pimple on my face. Also, I applied toothpaste for about 30 mins once I had washed off the Vit E oil. I reapplied Vit E before going to sleep. This morning not only has the pimple reduced but the redness has gone off quite a bit. I am so kicked about this remedy. Simple, sasta, totally works!!!.


28 thoughts on “Quick Pimple Remedy : Daily beauty Tips

  1. Savior :toothygrin: i have nt a big pimple but nevertheless a pinple on my cheeks damn red it is..ill try the solution thankies :thanks: :thanks:

  2. after using himalaya gentle exfoliating daily face wash … i didnt got any pimple at all !!! :waytogo: + i use neutrogena oil free moisturiser for combination skin + neutrogena deep clean scrub alternately … my face is way tooo clear now … n the best part is tht its pimple free … !!! :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  3. i’ve saved your article ! whenever i get a pimple … i will surely read ur article … :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. Great tip! I’ve tried it too and it works. The best thing about this remedy is that if you are consistent with it till the pimple disappears, it’ll help clear the ugly scar too. :yahoo:

  5. Seriously the toothpaste tip always works…. even Im sitting with toothpaste on my pimple as its very stubborn and wont go 🙁 will try the viamin E capsule too.. Thanks Aruna

    BTW- gals, hope you all are safe.. Im calling everyone since I heard about the balsts… plz be safe everyone

  6. great tip :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: …another thing that shrinks pimples and reduces redness is ice cubes and also a paste made of crushed aspirin and water applied on the pimples…

  7. toothpaste never works with me :(( infact even when the pimple goes after taking its own sweet time, marks remain forever!! i gte stuborn scars if i use toothpaste.. :pan: :pan: :pan:

  8. vit E capsules if kept n the red scar left by a pimple or acne reduce the redness in like
    10days. thats pretty fast compared t the expensive creams n lotions which neveer works.

  9. Vit E capsules (Evion) causes my skin to break out (pretty sensitive skin i have :struggle: :struggle: )…applying a dash of calamine does help though

  10. Nice tip 🙂
    fr me alwaz 1 pimple cums on my ryt cheek dats all
    I wash both cheeks equally well dunno y i get only on ryt cheek 😛 :methinks:
    I recently discoved Lemon juice works wonders fr me 🙂 it takes away pimples w/o leaving mark

  11. Very useful tip Aruna 🙂

    Dark circles doesn’t have such quick remedy is it :waiting:
    I have severe dark circles and it’s my mom’s gift to me :weep:

  12. I don’t use toothpaste on my face.. It doesn’t help AT ALL and the harsh ingredients can irritate your skin. If anyone has ever tried tea tree oil, it works wonders for pimples. Just a tiny bit every night before bed as a spot treatment and my spot has usually dried and flakes off within three days 🙂

  13. I had simple since i was in class 8.. i tried many medicaments but evrytime i got a bad result.. evn i tried sum home remedies tooo but d i dint gt a positive result yet..now i am in 4th year.. plzz help me dat i cn luk better..

    1. Plz start using erytop liquid b4 your bed and derma dew acne soap twice a day. 100% u will c the result. When u start using your dead and old skin peels off for 2-3 days. BT don’t worry.. Keep on using it , your pimples will never cm back 🙂

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