QVS 20 Makeup Sponges Value Pack Review


Our sponges come in all shapes, sizes and pack quantities. An everyday essential for complete make-up application, whether you require disposable or high end quality. We also have latex free sponges for sensitive skin types.

Our value pack of make-up sponges are an economical and convenient way to always have a fresh sponge on hand. They are super soft and flexible for easy control when blending and applying make-up. Pack of 20.


INR 295


QVS 20 Makeup Sponges Value Pack

These days I am always reaching out to disposable puffs and sponges for light foundation application and for blending out concealer, I dont really want to bother to wash them and then use, since I have acne prone skin. Using unwashed applicators with bacteria, this thought is always looming large in my head due to acne, and hence I got this value pack. I went to new u the other day and was happy to see these, they have other applicators too in smaller packs.

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I must say I am very happy with the quality, the product is awesome and the colors are grey and white, so it does not get very monotonous.:P The size is perfect for me, but of course sometimes I do need the triangular ones as well, but this is not bad for the full face application, I need the smaller ones for the concealer part.

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They feel very soft and gentle and do a good job at blending, I am not sure if it is right I also dip it in pressed powder compact and apply the powder instead of that cotton puff. It does a good job with foundations and concealers and pressed powder too.

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Now I dont think I can throw them with one use, what I do is start using it at the corner, and try not to dirty the whole sponge one day, I always use it with sanitized hands and then store it, I have washed one sponge twice and it looks pretty okay too, but I dont think I want to keep using one for more than 5-6 times, so it would still last me long, but I am positive washing it is a very good idea too till you think it is withering away or spoiling in the heat.

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This is a good idea too if someone wants to share your products, you can dab foundation on the sponge or the back of your hand and every friend gets their own sponge 😛 It is very soft and flexible no doubt.This comes in a seal pack, but make sure to insert only clean fingers into it,  and never store your used sponge in the pack, it would contaminate all, for fear of acne.

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Overall I am happy I got them at one go, I recommend this to acne prone skin to stay away from infections breeding in applicators, normal skin of course would love it too, it fits my budget with 20 sponges for 295,I will be buying more but this should last me for 20*6 times at least, I dont wear foundation or makeup base that often. One word of caution, I have seen some older sponges sticking together in the heat in the cupboard, so I am still figuring out how to save them from sticking together 😛 hopefully should dispose them before that.

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  1. nice review Neha *clap* *happydance* these are a lot for the price *happy dance* *happy dance* I find the QVS qualities better than the other cheap brands they are good *haan ji*

    I too sent a qvs foundation sponge review today..lets see when it gets posted 🙂

  2. Wow a gr8 deal i must say… *happy dance* ..only after following IMBB i have realized the value of using good sponges… *pigtail*

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