QVS Compact Powder Brush Review

QVS Compact Powder Brush

Our multitasking compact powder brush is a make-up bag essential. The natural bristles and generous head diffuses powder evenly. It is a great size to fit perfectly into your handbag or clutch for touch ups on-the-go.

When it comes to applying makeup, the right tools make an enormous difference for ease of application, maximum control and a flawless finish.
Great for powder or bronzer
Fits easily into your make-up purse
Soft natural bristles

QVS Compact Powder Brush

With a generous head, so bronzing powder is diffused evenly over your face our Compact Powder Brush is a versatile addition to your make-up kit.
Not only is it ideal for that final dusting of powder for a flawless finish to your foundation, but it is also great for applying bronzer as it gives an even coverage.

To care for your brush:

It is important to keep your brush clean. Regularly wash the bristles in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out any excess water, reshape and allow to air dry.


INR 300

QVS Compact Powder Brush  (3)
I got some QVS stuff (this one)and some of them were basic essentials, but this one looked nice, I am always looking for huge powder brushes and hence picked this one. They have a lot of brushes to chose from but I carry a brush with me hence the Lakme absolute retractable brush comes very very handy, it does not shed and it is awesome even after a year. But this one was disappointing.
QVS Compact Powder Brush  (4)
I found the handle very sturdy and classy, and the the name is also mentioned on the brush, this looked like a good size and hence I thought let me try this one, unfortunately there were no testers for me to touch the bristles, well by my experience my heart did say the bristles are going to be rough and will shed and this did happen, so I am happy my intuition works 😛

The color of the bristles is pretty sad, I did not like it one bit and looks like it is animal hair. Now coming to the feel, the bristles fee rough and if yo poke it straight, they will feel really rough , if you stroke it gently, it will be functional for overall powder but otherwise it will feel scratchy.

I used it for overall loose powder and did the job well but I felt it ate up a lot of powder,  if you use it on a pressed powder, it will surely scratch the surface of the powder, it will damage it a bit : P so this is good for overall application.QVS Compact Powder Brush  (1)
powder brush

Now the worst part, I washed it just once and it left for much of grey black color, OMG, and it shed at least ten rough hair in the first wash, it was disgusting. Hence now I have given it up, after a wash it looks pretty much the same but it is enough for me to warn you, this brush is a miss.

IMBB Rating:

2/5 Rough and sheds color and hair, but 2 for the handle and size 😛

This flat top one feels much softer

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  1. Neha di exactly *haan ji* it looks like animal hair *cry* and the bristles look a little rough *headbang* not yet tried any of QVS stuff *nababana* *nababana*

  2. Oh, that’s bad! This seems to be a newer and cheaper varient? I bought a similar one around 8 months back from NewU but it costed Rs 375. The bristles are quite soft to touch and has been washed multipe times too. It has hardly shed 1-2 hairs till now.

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