QVS Exfoliating Gloves Review

QVS Exfoliating Gloves Review

Hello girls,

I am going to review my recent favourite in terms of a bath product. I had read Veena’s review on TBS Bathing gloves on IMBB earlier here  and decided to buy the TBS bathing gloves which were superb by the way.  I have been using the TBS gloves on and off.  Last time when I visited the ‘New U’ store with my mum, I got to see these QVS exfoliating gloves. I thought to give them a try as QVS is a brand which I trust for decent quality products. How this fared, I will tell you that in detail below:


What the brand offers:

QVS offers a comprehensive collection of home body products. Using only quality fibres and materials, each item is functional yet with a touch of luxury.  Relax, refresh and revive! These exfoliating gloves clean and exfoliate, gently riding the body of impurities and dead skin cells. Use regularly for polished and radiant skin.  To ensure the best results from the QVS home body product you have selected, rinse thoroughly in warm water after each use and allow to air dry naturally.


200 INR

I find these gloves rather more functional than the regular loofahs as I can just wear them and use them. These gloves give me a nice exfoliation every time I use them.  Having used both the TBS and QVS bathing gloves; I would say that I did not find much difference between both of these, but TBS gloves come in peppy shades.

I got the QVS gloves in grey, I know that’s a boring colour, but it was the only colour available at the store, I am not sure if QVS has more colours to offer.


One more thing about these gloves is that they do not eat up my soap or body wash and I get a lot of lather even with a little quantity of soap.  “One size fits all” is the slogan QVS says and I would agree to this too. The small looking gloves fit easily in my hands and I have no issue with them.  Although, I am not sure about people who have big hands, as the gloves look small.

Exfoliating Gloves

One more thing I would like to mention here is that when you touch them when they are dry, it seems quite rough and you might wonder whether its going to scratch your skin, but once wet, it works really well.  Just the required amount of roughness is felt, giving you a squeaky clean skin free of dead skin cells.

QVS Gloves

Pros of QVS Exfoliating Gloves:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available, I even saw QVS products at Westside.
  • Does not scratch my skin like a cheap loofah.
  • My skin feels softer and better after each time I use it.
  • A pair of gloves lasts long, I throw them only because of hygiene factor but they never lose their shape.
  • Only a little amount of soap or body wash is required.

Cons of QVS Exfoliating Gloves:

  • I did not find any con, but it might not suit very sensitive skin.

If loofahs are a must for you, give these gloves a try. These are a far better option in terms of exfoliation, but yes, stay clear if you have very sensitive skin.

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  1. I like I like *happy dance* *happy dance* I have 3 loofa’s at home! but still I shall try this i’ll check it online *thankyou*

  2. Same here Vidhi.. even i have 2 used and 2 fresh ones still yet to use… rofl
    Btw nice and convincing review… *happy dance* i will have a look when i go to westside *happydance*

  3. Very nice review *preen* …and u right nice color some time make yu use it more often ( i feel so *secret* )i have been thinking or a while that someone should review “exfoliating gloves” as they make more sense to use and less extra efforts as per me *shy* *shy* *shy* i love the gloves coz even if you want have a quick shower it’s not a prob;em coz u always use ur hands when bathing *jogging* *jogging* *specs* *specs*

  4. This is really amazing, i have got one in white, n i am loving it, it removes all my dead skins off n keeps skin smooth and have got less in growth also after using this glows :-), nice review.

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