QVS Eyelash Curler, Flormar Nail Enamel number 064 Review

Weekend shopping: from the newly opened new u:

new u weekend shopping

Hi ladies!

As all weekends, this weekend too I went out shopping covering up places that I haven’t seen yet. Recently Rati told me about new u and what exactly do we get there. Till date, I had no idea what we actually get there. (Thanks to sim who sent the link for their stores”) when I found out that we get many brands of make up under one roof I had to pay a visit! This new u has been recently opened in Chennai and the only one here. It’s a part of bigger store and not an exclusive store in itself. this new u retails accessories like make up brushes curlers comb ,and some jeweller, nail paints from their in-house brand I guess, and lip balms from vlcc, lip ice, Eva etc.the makeup counters were tiny(and so was the whole new u section) which included maybelline lakme L’Oreal and Revlon! They had fresh stock but very limited would have rather gone to health and glow. but since I was there I had to do some shopping “udhghatan” so I picked up an eye lash curler from qvs, maybelline bronze orange lipstick from moisture extreme (thanks to ankita for recommending) and a nail paint flormar which is a beautiful pearly khaki type colour, and got a free gift from the maybelline SA as she said there is a manicure set on offer with a purchase of 250.I am just going to be reviewing the eye lash curler and little about the nail paint here. I am leaving the review on bronze orange for some other time.




lipstick swatch


About the eye lash curler: I found a lot of accessories from this brand called qvs and I also saw two kinds of curlers one with a spring and another without it with electroplated something(didn’t quite understand) Price for this one is Rs 155 and it is supplied with two extra rubber pads. Now I must say out of the four eye lash curlers that I own this one is the BEST! I had even thought of picking up the inglot eye lash curler which is thrice the price .But I am so happy I picked this one up! I own an oriflame one 99 Rs, an elf one for Rs 149 and another local one for Rs 50. The elf one is horrible as the rubber pad on that is so stiff that it won’t do any curling. The oriflame one is average and is also supplied with an extra rubber pad and the non brand one was the best till now as the rubber pad was very flexible but now has totally worn out overtime. But the qvs one that I bought now is as good as the rubber pad is so flexible and soft that it gives amazing results. I have thick lashes that may need a little more pressure for being curled. But this curler has made my life easier. In ten seconds flat it curled my eyelashes the very base at the lashline.i am extremely happy with the results since I was not even using mascara for a long time as I couldn’t really curl my lashes. But now this will triple the result of my mascara. If u have access to this one please pick it up (always buy one with the softest and most flexible rubber pad, telling from experience of four lash curlers).



Flormar plus quartz nail enamel number 064: Price Rs 70 for 11ml

I saw third in some random basket it had so many beautiful shades of baby pinks n whites and pearls and even blacks. But this was the only colour I picked up as I don’t have anything similar to this. It’s a very beautiful pearly khaki I guess and super shiny and dries in one minute.im very happy with this purchase as well as 70 rs for 11ml for in-house brand is not bad. The bottle is huge and will last for long time. I quite like the bottle as well and the brush too!

nail paint


I also got a set free with maybelline purchase, which has a lash comb, nail file(they are never enough)and a tweezer (I guess my fifth tweezer)got to have one near every mirror and window! Will be reviewing the bronze orange lippie soon!

free set



Do you shop from New U? Do share your experience

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81 thoughts on “QVS Eyelash Curler, Flormar Nail Enamel number 064 Review

  1. i too will chk out New U this weekend.. if they r offering free gifts then i’ll shop too.. :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth
    nice NP neha n even the eye lash curler, its cute cute :teddy: .. i have 1 gr8 one frm M&S .. dont need any other.. :tongue: :tongue:

  2. i already have TBS ka lash curler neha. but will buy this one for sure next. i also visit new u often for lotus products mainly. and new u always always gives me freebies :toothygrin: and now that the manager there recognises me i am also able to extract freebies from him without meeting the required limit of purchase :tongue:

  3. i too have teh experience of 4 lash curlers
    2 local ones i used in teh college time- best best :woot:
    revlon- was dhinchak but they didnt provide extra pad 🙁
    faces one the recent – the pad is stiffer compared to upper two 🙁 🙁

  4. i wouldn’t have recognized that the shop called maya is new u if i had not seen the bag..he..he..yep, we hav one in allahabad too but its called maya alias new u…got qvs bath mitts, eye brushes andfrom it

    1. hain QVS lash curler?
      i have never ever seen a reveiw on this
      i thought its a no brand and i got it just like that
      ya its good cali try na 😀

    1. han sam pakka
      the pas is soft and flexible
      unlike my elf one
      so it works verrrrrry wellll for my thick lashes(means thick hair )

    1. kaps short is liye q ki :wilt: :wilt: hubby and my baby were waiting in the parking :weep: so jaldi se i ran back 😥

    1. nahi rati its a pearly finish but almost like a light khaki with a pearl finsih
      something like lakme vanilla in white :))

  5. You don’t buy that froggie looofah, Rati…is no good….you don’t buy it 😐 😐 I want that cute cute set you got freeeeeeeeeeee, Neha…hehehee see the instructions they have written naaa..this tool might look a bit daunting 😀 😀 😀

  6. i exactly know what to buy next from QVS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. heheheheh but na its got only one thing for nails then y its manicure set
      i think there is a lash comb n then tweezer
      and just a filer 😐

  7. You are luring me to buy this curler :mirror:
    I have used two till now – a local one and the Inglot one. The inglot one is such a wastage! Doesn’t do anything :yuck:
    New U…I’m coming soon :thumbsup:

    1. thnks god i dint get inglot
      arey try the pad it shud be very soft
      out of my experience they curl the best …the ones that are most flexi

      1. Thankooo Thankooooooooo!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  8. Loved the lippie shade.. i havent used any lash curler so far.. dont know if they will be effective on my lashes… the freebie kit is nice… Me too wanna go shopping

    1. yeah poonam to start with its a good buy in 155
      yeah im gonna reveiw the lippie afetr lil use u know
      its very pretty in real actually
      try maybelline for the free :preen: bie

      1. u r right neha… the curler is so tempting i have already added it to my shopping list..but dont know if the QVS would be available inthe market here..waiting for the lippie review..

  9. Heyy all. i am following this site for quite a long time..n i m lovinggg it… need a helppp..me dying to buy some cosmetics…plz suggest any good outlet in delhi-NCR for cosmetics(brands like colorbar or so) where i could get some freebies/discounts also..

    1. hi ponam you may purchase lakme, chambor, revlon, loreal etc at shopper’s stop and colorbar has astore in select city walk. 🙂

      welcome to imbb! 🙂

  10. am so j am so j .i loved the lippie and i want the manicure kit.though i dont have any nails to manicure but i still want it.bus!huh! :toothygrin:

  11. I really, really like the color of the lipstick and I’m gonna check it out at the store! 😀 Nice haul, Neha. :)) :))

  12. Not in my city.. will check it out when I come to Chennai. Never used an eye-lash curler. Love that lipstick…(it’s very Ankita) 🙂

  13. The eye lash curler sounds great! I just have a Vega one which I never use..don’t see much difference when I use..probably cos its not good. Will try this one whenever I can get my hands on it! Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 :handshake2:

    1. han ankita
      it makes huge huge huge diff to have the rite kind of curler
      shelling out 155 is not bad coz it will last soooo long :yawn:
      vega toh i doubt 😀

  14. The maybelline listick color is awesome Neha
    me too got a manicure kit for shopping in New U, but the contents are different. It had a nail cutter, cuticle pusher and a brush (the one which is seen in a foot scrub kind)

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