QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush Review

QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush Review


When it comes to makeup, I love lipsticks and another thing that I love is brushes. Though we all know how important these brushes are, but still the most neglected part of our kit are makeup brushes.  But my story is somewhat else, even before investing in a good foundation, I decided to invest in some decent flat top and stippling brushes. I was eyeing Sigma badly, but they were all out of reach because of their shipping charges. So, when I spotted this flat top brush in New U, I knew I am getting this flat top brush. I trusted QVS and thought of taking a chance. Read on further to know how it performed. Rashmita and I met each other the previous month and I would love to say she is a really sweet person. I liked her from the very day I first spoke with her and after meeting her, I want to thank IMBB more. We went on talking and giggling and she also helped me in picking up the colours and we had decided to spend a whole day in Inglot. I will share the pictures next time, because we forgot to click this time.


Rs. 355

Flat Top Complexion Brush 2

My Experience with QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush:

This brush is a flat top powder brush and I am using this brush for more than a month. The way this brush blends powder, I am a fan now.  I use this brush with Colorbar Radiant White UV Fairness Compact Powder and I am in love with the control this brush gives me. Previously, the compact powder always made me look a bit white and I always had to use a tissue to make it look natural. But this brush now makes it perfect, the amount of product, the blending, the coverage, and the finish this brush gives is so perfect.

Flat Top Complexion Brush 3

Flat Top Complexion Brush 4

I have tried using this brush to apply blusher and again this is a winner.  It can never make me look like a clown 😛 I have even used it to apply foundation and I am super happy, I will probably buy another backup of this brush, one for applying powder makeup and one for liquid makeup.  Rati’s tutorial helped me a lot I must say.

Flat Top Complexion Brush 5

Flat Top Complexion Brush 6

I am using this brush for almost one month and have washed it almost 10 times. This brush has not shed a single bristle and is still super soft on skin. The size of this brush is like those travel-sized ones, this may be a con for some.  Its dense enough. Considering the price, this is a must-have if you cannot afford Sigma or MAC.  This brush takes half a day to dry which again can be a con for some, but with me, its ok.  I am highly impressed with the brush.

Flat Top Complexion Brush 8

Flat Top Complexion Brush 10

Pros of QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Soft and dense.
  • Gives super control.
  • Flat top.
  • Never sheds bristles.
  • Helps in perfect blending.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • A perfect all-rounder.

Cons of QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush:

  • Takes time to dry.
  • Handle is not long.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase QVS Flat Top Complexion Brush?

Yes absolutely, I will recommend this and I will surely repurchase this till I can afford MAC 😛

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