QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge Review

QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge

I was using a QVS foundation brush but it was not doing the job very well hence I found this in a beauty store with a host of other makeup accessories. Though I apply foundation on special occasions, as I don’t have the patience to do this every time I go out and also regular use of makeup breaks me out so I try to limit the usage.
QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge

About QVS:

The first chapter of the QVS story opened in Australia in 2004. It began with an inspired vision from our founder, Kate Deegan, a highly qualified designer by trade. During her long career in cosmetic accessories, Kate observed there was a distinct lack of products on the market with any aesthetic appeal. At the time, cosmetic tools were seen as not much more than utilitarian devices for everyday grooming. But with a love for design fuelling her ideas, Kate seized the opportunity to fill this niche in the market and create a range of cosmetic accessories that combined form, fashion and function. And so, QVS was born. QVS was the original acronym for the founding principles behind the range. Quality. Value. Style. Essentially, each product in every category had to be of high quality, offer great value and look stylish. Remaining dedicated to these principles has seen QVS grow from a few key products to a range that boasts hundreds of lines, covering virtually every grooming and beauty task there is.

QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge2

Product Details:

Our sponge is make-up artist quality and perfect for applying and blending liquid, powder or cream make-up. Micro-fine textured, synthetic sponge ensures superior oil resistance allowing even distribution of product without absorbing, swelling or flaking. Use for coverage and blending with oil or water-based make-up.

QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge3

INR 175

My Experience with QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge:

I have been using this with a powder foundation and Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse. I had quite an experience when I went to buy the Lakme foundation at the counter and during my process of matching the color the SA was so confident that I should buy the Ivory Fair but I felt it looked better a shade darker as its easier to blend and looks more natural…then what she said cracked me up “madam you are white na so Ivory is good for you” …white??? I am very much Indian lady!!! roflrofl I bought the next shade anyway. I use this sponge to blend the foundation and sometimes to apply powder foundation too, it gives a very natural look as I am not too fond of heavy makeup. I am very glad that it does not absorb much product yet does a very good blending job. I clean it with warm soapy water mostly baby wash which I find to be the mildest this makes it as good as new and it hasn’t lost its shape yet…I am quite in love with it.

QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge4

Pros of QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge:

1. Good blending sponge.
2. Affordable.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Available at most beauty stores.

Cons of QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge:

None for me.

QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge5

IMBB Rating:


Would I buy QVS Luxurious Foundation Sponge again?

Yes, I would and you too buy.

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  1. I dnt use foundation though bt seems good enough for powder touch ups naa.. *haan ji* Am really scared after reading SA’s tricks in imbb know.. *hihi* *scared* I won’t ever ask them before getting stuffs from india.. *smug*

    1. rofl SA’ s of india are unique pieces *hihi* if you ask them you can be sure that their suggestion would be horrible *chudail*

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