QVS Perfection and Eyeshadow Brushes-Review

QVS Perfection and Eyeshadow Brushes-Review

Hello beautiful ladies!

Today I will be reviewing QVS Perfection Brush and Eyeshadow Brush.
We all know how important make-up brushes are. When I initially started using make-up, I always thought it was not so necessary to spend money on make-up brushes when they could easily be applied with the fingers. I never used any brush to apply my foundation or concealer, I always got the job done with my fingers. I used eyeshadow brushes that came with make-up kits and was always happy with them. Once when I was shopping, I saw VEGA brushes that were not too highly priced. I picked up a few brushes then and was really happy with what difference brushes made to my make-up and ever since, brushes became as important as other make-up products in my vanity.

ovs perfection brush eyeshadow brush


QVS Eyeshadow Brush for Rs. 175.
QVS Perfection Brush for Rs. 400.

My take on QVS Brushes:

The Perfection Brush is a dual ended concealer and a foundation brush. I picked it as soon as I saw it because firstly, it is dual ended and I can hence save the time I spend rummaging in my make-up boxes for the brushes and secondly, I would never get a brush that combines two brushes, with good quality, at this price. All the brushes in the market are pretty highly priced, so if you are planning get some good quality brushes, you are sure to have a big hole in your pocket.

qvs brushes2

The concealer side of the brush does a fair job in covering my scars and pigmentation and it does not shed any bristles. The foundation brush does a great job too and it does not shed any bristles either. The bristles are extremely soft and don’t make the foundation look patchy, they make the make-up even on the face. The concealer brush is almost like an eye shadow brush but I’ve never tried using it on my eyes.

qvs brushes 1

The Eyeshadow Brush is really cute to handle, I find it very pretty looking. It does a very good job in blending or applying the eyeshadow. I sometimes use it to smudge kohl and it does a fair job then too. The bristles are soft and they wouldn’t irritate the eyes in anyway. I did not see any fallout of the bristles either. It picks sufficient amount of color and it is not too stiff.

qvs brushes 3

So, I don’t think I need to list out the pros and cons for these. Both the brushes do their respective jobs well and I have no complaints about these in any way. I am absolutely happy with the price and the quality. I surely don’t need to spend a lot of money to get M.A.C brushes. I’d choose these any day because they are cheaper and they work well too! Availability could be a problem but if you find them, be sure to grab them!

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18 thoughts on “QVS Perfection and Eyeshadow Brushes-Review

  1. I too have some QVS brushes…they do great work for the amount you pay. You can easily get it from Big Bazar, Spar, New U and local cosmetics stores in Delhi 🙂

  2. Oh!! Thanks so much for letting us know. I really needed some good makeup brushes. I’m gonna go to “new u” and check if i can get them.! XoXo… 🙂

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