QVS Retractable Lip Brush Review

QVS Retractable Lip Brush Review

Hi IMBBians,

Today, I will review the QVS retractable lip brush. I am someone who trusts QVS blindly considering the quality and the price. This is something I can afford, and the quality is also great compared to the other brands available.



Rs. 225

QVS lip brush 2

My Experience with QVS Retractable Lip Brush:

I was eyeing the brush from a long time, but did not buy as my Vega brush was working nicely.  I got this last week and I just love the way this works. The bristles of this lip brush are extremely dense and super soft.  The tip is flat unlike the Vega brush and gives a lot of control in filling the lips. It picks up the right amount of colour and the brush doesn’t drink half the colour.

Lip Brush 3

This brush comes in a pouch. The brush has a shiny black metal body, which looks classy. This brush is travel friendly and I love its sleek packaging.

QVS says this can be used for both lining and filling, but I think this brush does a perfect job with filling but not with lining, for lining I personally like some thin brushes.  This didn’t shed a single bristle, I have washed it 8-10 times with warm water and shampoo, allowing it to air dry, but it takes a bit time to try, because some water goes into the cap.

Lip Brush 4

Lip Brush 5

The brush can be carried easily and I think this is very similar to the mini retractable VLCC brush which has already been reviewed on the blog, but this can be divided into two parts, the cap and the body, just like the Maybelline lip brush.

Lip Brush 7

Lip Brush 8

Seeing the pictures, one will get to know how the brush bristles comes out when the cap is at the back and when the cap is removed, the brush bristles goes down. This is probably done by a magnet. The cap does not come off even in the bag.

Lip Brush 6

The brush is good for travel purpose and good to be used with the Inglot lip palette, I need a mint box to carry my freedom system refills 😛

Pros of QVS Retractable Lip Brush:

  • Retractable brush.
  • Travel friendly, as it is 3 and half inches long.
  • Soft bristles.
  • Doesn’t drink up the lipstick.
  • Doesn’t shed.
  • Comes at a good price.

Lip Brush 10

Cons of QVS Retractable Lip Brush:

  • No cons.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Recommend QVS Retractable Lip Brush?

Yes I will.  There is no bristle shedding, precise application, soft bristles.

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