Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel Review

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So after a tiring day what essentially would you prefer when you get home? How about a nice and simple meal, a small but good talk with loved ones or just a soothing and relaxing shower? Hmm! Well, hope we get all three before we hit the bed, but a nice soothing shower will certainly do the trick to spur the next day! And for that a pleasant, relaxing bath is required to loosen up tired nerves and cells. And here is the well suited shower gel which is designed for it. Before I start writing about the product, let me brief you about the brand. Radox known widely for bubble baths and shower gels is owned by Unilever. You will really find a broad range of fragrant shower gels sprawling across all the moods offered for men and women.

Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel Review

Price: £1.99 for 250 ml

Product Description:
Breathe in sweet lavender and let hazy summer days in Provence wash over you. Star-filled nights that go on and on and in the distance the chirping of cicadas! Breathe out and relax.
A calming blend, with lavender & water lily! Fragrant lavender, renowned for its relaxing properties, has been expertly blended with peaceful water Lilly to help wash away your day leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


My Experience with Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel:

There are so many body washes/shower gels available in the bath and body market that you can’t stick to one brand or product. After trying Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk, I was looking for a change and I found a good range of Radox shower gels in Superdrug, London. The good point about Radox is their experiments and blends of fragrances in one product. Since I like Lavender, I picked up this one and gladly I liked it.

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It is packaged in a plastic transparent oval bottle with flip open lid. I found the lid quite tight to use with wet hands. Only after a few uses, you will see that the lid is loosening up a little. The shower gel is in nice light purple colour with a thin consistency.


Usually I feel that the smell of shower gels is quite loud when compared to shower milk and crèmes. But hey, this shower gel is quite subtle. Lavender is so beautifully instilled with water lily that your washroom starts smelling like a nice fresh garden. It’s fresh, neat and lovely. The fragrance is quite relaxing and warm and can be used in the morning or after a drained day.


It gets an extra point for fragrance but misses out when it comes to moisturising the skin. It is quite mild on the skin though. I agree that a body lotion is required after a shower whichever product we use to cleanse. But in this case, the shower gel actually nourishes but doesn’t dry out the skin. The smell evaporates after a shower and doesn’t go beyond the washroom.


As the shower gel has quite a liquescent consistency, you need a little more, around a good two coin-size dollops on your loofah to properly clean and rinse the body. It creates a marvellous soapy lather enough to purify the body. So, overall this is a good product for daily use.

Pros of Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel:

• Soothing and calming fragrance.
• Lathers well.
• Amazing combination of lavender and water lily.
• Good packaging.
• Quite reasonably priced.

Cons of Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel:

• Fragrance doesn’t last long.
• Lightly moisturises.
• Availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Radox Feel Relaxed with Lavender & Waterlilly Shower Gel?
Oh, sure. This is a lovely blend of fragrance and you should try it at least once. Well, there are so many other shower gels from this range that buying this again will fairly take time.

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