Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader Review

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A while back, I introduced the brand Rae Morris, who is well-known for her makeup brushes here on IMBB. I hauled 2 brushes back then and while I reviewed the Brush 12- lash line smudger brush, I held off on reviewing the other one because I found it so difficult to integrate it into my routine. Read on to know more about this brush and what is it that just couldn’t make us click.

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader

Product Description:
When you want to apply or blend eye shadow in a very small detailed area, Rae recommends her Brush 9.2. She loves this for smudging gel liners or eye shadows close to the lash line. Hair Type: Synthetic.

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader details

My Experience with Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader:

The unique feature about Rae Morris brushes is that the end tip is magnetic and if you purchase the stand sold by her separately, you would be able to display your brushes upright in a neat row for easy visibility. This would be a great feature for makeup artists.  The brush itself does not feel flimsy. It has a nice weight and length, neither too heavy, but sits comfortably in the hand. The handle has a wooden finish which looks luxurious.

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader packaging

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Usage: Small brushes like this one are crucial to do detailed work on the eye and especially if you are working on the lower lash line. The size of this brush is no doubt micro and supposedly perfect for lower lashes, yet I cannot make this work. Firstly, the bristles are not as soft, while they are synthetic, they have these rough ends, which I don’t like. The brush tip is too thick and ragged for me while applying gel eyeliner (I like my eyeliner to be super sharp and precise). The tip is too long to use for smudging under the lower lash line without poking my eye. The bristles are too tightly packed together to give an effortless smudge without lifting off product.

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader bristles

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader length

Hence I really cannot integrate this brush into my routine without the fear of it ruining my eye makeup or worse hurting myself in the eye. The only way I can remotely make this work is when I have the eyeliner on and need to set it with a black eyeshadow. Then, I will take some eyeshadow on the brush and lightly tap on the existing gel/liquid liner. This mattifies and intensifies the liner while making it long lasting, but I rarely do this technique.

Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader in hand

Overall, I am not impressed with the design of this brush. I don’t see myself reaching for it at all. I will not recommend this.

Pros of Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader:

  • Sleek design.
  • Synthetic bristles pick up enough product and do not absorb any.
  • Magnetic end to help display brush on a stand sold separately.

Cons of Rae Morris Brush 9.2 Micro Point Shader:

  • Bristles are not as soft as I would like and the ends are too rough and scratchy.
  • The design of the bristles does not work to give an effortless smudge, nor do they help in drawing the liner.

IMBB Rating:

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