Rae Morris Magnetic Brush 12 Lash Line Smudger Review

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Today, I will be introducing yet another new brand on IMBB, “Rae Morris,” and I will be reviewing an eye makeup brush from this particular brand.
Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Lash Line Smudger

About the brand and the creator:
Rae Morris is not only a top makeup artist, she has also created a genius brush line that is the result of years’ worth of professional experience. The patented magnetic brush technology enables each brush to stand upright on the Rae Plate so that the brushes can be stored in a sanitary manner while keeping the work surface organized. Rae has designed her brushes to be sleek, soft and ultra-organized while serving the true needs of a working makeup artist. This review will be on the Rae Morris Brush 12 Lash line smudger.
Brush details

Product Details:
Perfect for blending or smudging eye shades or eye gels close to the lash line. Also great for softening or smudging liquid eye liner or for any intricate work around the eyes.  Runway Tip: The brush I use to finish a smoky eye or to smudge a hard eyeliner – use it with the darkest colour and keep the intensity around the lash line.

Hair Type: Blue Squirrel (Animal Cruelty Free).


My Experience with Rae Morris Magnetic Brush 12 Lash Line Smudger:

These Rae Morris brushes have a very sophisticated look. The brush handle has a wood vinyl finish. The weight is just right, neither too heavy nor too light, and sits comfortably in the hand. The unique part about her brushes is that every brush has a magnetic end point, which when you purchase her brush frame, can be used together and help display your brushes like an art masterpiece.
Rae Morris brush

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The bristles on this brush is blue squirrel hair, which if you know, is the softest bristle hair you can get. The bristles are super soft, not scratchy at all, but in comparison, Wayne Goss brushes are softer. The end is a rounded tip while the ferrule pinches the bristle to a thin side view.
Brush side view

This brush is very versatile and I use it in multiple ways when I do my eye makeup. I use it as a lash line smudge, especially when I create a heavy smokey lower lash line. It blends the shadow seamlessly without any harsh edges. It can also be used to apply inner corner highlight and also to highlight the brow bone or sharpen up under your eyebrow to create an appearance of a lifted brow.
Brush handle

Since it is a natural hair bristle brush, you need to take care to not use harsh shampoo or alcohol-based cleaner for it. I have not noticed any shedding with this brush.

Overall, I do really like this brush and do think it is a good addition to your brush kit. Unlike Wayne Goss brushes, which have been quite consistent in their quality so far, I don’t find this to be true for the Rae Morris brushes. I do own a couple of brushes from her line and they have been a hit and miss (more on that in my upcoming review of another brush from her collection).
Brush bristles

Pros of Rae Morris Magnetic Brush 12 Lash Line Smudger:

  • Soft bristles, do not feel scratchy.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Can be used in a lot of ways, versatile makeup brush.
  • No shedding.
  • Sleek look with the wooden finish handle.
  • Lightweight handle.
  • Magnetic tip which can stand upright on a metal board.

Cons of Rae Morris Magnetic Brush 12 Lash Line Smudger:

  • Though the bristles are soft, they are not the softest I have used. My Wayne Goss brushes beat these while still being in the same price range.

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