Ranbaxy Suncrose Aqua Gel Review

Ranbaxy Suncrose Aqua Gel Review

This is my very first post on IMBB,and I’m really anxious. I have been reading this blog for about nine months and I have to say I really love everything about it.

I started using sunscreens about six months ago. Earlier I never thought sunscreens are important(actually I’ve read about many researches that prove that sunscreens cause skin cancer with prolonged use….I guess I’ll talk about it in some other post). My 1st sunscreen was the Lotus Herbals Indian summer formula one which felt so chemical with each use. Then there was the Apollo Pharmacy sunscreen which didn’t work for me quite well,then finally I decided to go for a sunscreen available at medical stores and from a renowned brand. I’ve heard dermatologists advising to always use medical sunscreens in place of the drugstore sunscreens. An Indian doctor had advised to use a Ranbaxy or Galderma sunscreen.I had googled both,and found about this product.The next day I had demanded it from my boyfriend ,and within two weeks it was in my hand! This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever come across.The people to whom I had suggested this sunscreen were very pleased . I don’t think I’m going to ever try any other sunscreen as long as this is available!



  • Spf 26
  • Non-greasy water resistant sunscreen
  • Specially suited for oily skin,humid conditions and excessive sweating
  • Octinoxate,avobenzone,oxybenzone & zinc oxide gel
  • Contains imported nano-sized zinc oxide for complete UV-A & UV-B protection
  • Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens
  • Water resistant formula

octinoxate usp,avobenzone usp,oxybenzone usp,processed zinc oxide(nanonized) equivalent to zinc oxide,preservative,phenoxyethanol ip

290 INR for 100g

ranbaxy sucrose aqua gel Review

My skin type is normal/dry. My T-zone is oily ,but the rest of my facial and body skin is pretty dry. Occasionally I get pimples but it is not related to my skin,so no use mentioning that. Though this sunscreen is meant for oily skinned people, it suited me perfectly when applied over a moisturizer. I hate anything that’s oily in my skincare regimen,and that’s one of the main reasons why I love it.

ranbaxy sucrose aqua gel jar
It is slightly yellowish in colour.After applying it takes about 4-5 minutes to get absorbed,till that time it looks a little shiny;but after it gets absorbed I find my skin smooth and radiant just as it is meant to be!


(clockwise from top left;swatch;after slight rubbing;after 2 minutes of application;after 5 minutes of application)

I have skin type IV,so I don’t get sunburns!I only get tanned! This magic cream has prevented the tanning almost fully(no chemical barrier can prevent tanning completely, as tanning is a natural process of the skin).

The cream doesn’t leave any whitish cast and has never broken me out. It does not clog pores and feels very light on the skin.This proves that it is indeed gel based.

About the water-resistant part, I’m not too sure(any sunscreen,practically ,can’t be 100% water-proof ;some can be almost fully water-proof only for a short period of time after application).When I wash my face or hands with water after application,some of it washes off,and the gel base remains on the skin. But I’m not really complaining about it,I am okay with it not being water-resistant. Above all I’ve noticed there is absolutely no fault with its efficacy even after it gets washed away,I still don’t get tanned as I used to!

It has a very mild fragrance decent enough to be called sweet!It disappears almost completely after application.I can assure its safe for people with a sensitive nose.


  • Is indeed gel based so oily skinned people have a reason to rejoice.
  • Dry skinned people(like me) can use it too above a moisturizer
  • Feels very light
  • Does not leave a white cast
  • Gets absorbed very quickly
  • Does not make the skin look shiny
  • Does not allow tanning.I can’t comment on whether it prevents sunburns because I haven’t ever got them
  • Is non-comodogenic


  • Tub packaging makes it unhygienic to use.
  • Only available at medical stores.Sometimes its not in stock,and you need to place an order.My boyfriend got it after visiting a store four times!
  • 290 INR for 100g is a little too costly for something that is used everyday. But as per my experience,the cream spreads a lot and one tub lasts for two months if used everyday only on the face, hands and feet!
  • Some part of it gets washed away with water. So, it is not water resistant.But even after getting washed away it prevents tanning!
  • Some may consider spf 26 to be too low for adequate protection,but trust me,you’ll never get medical sunscreens above SPF 40,because sunscreens with very high SPFs do not give you more protection and the way drugstore brands are increasing their SPFs’ ,soon there will be sunscreens with spf 500,spf 1 crore….!!:D

So everyone,just rush to your nearest medical store and get a tub of this!Use it for a week and say if your opinion is the same as mine!:)

I would give it 4.9/5.This sunscreen has none of the problems that most of the common sunscreens have and I would always buy it as long as the quality remains the same!

P.S.-I’m happy that my first review is a positive one!


16 thoughts on “Ranbaxy Suncrose Aqua Gel Review

  1. Hey Shreya !! Well , SPF 26 is less for me…nice review btw 🙂 I use Ansolar and its the best sunscreen i have ever used…its spf 30 and extremely good for people with oily or combination skin ..try once !!

  2. Good review..I have always wanted this, too lazy to get it though. Indian skin gets tanned, not burnt, since we all fall in type 4 or 5, so this will help all of us! I have oily skin, even Ansolar fails me. And you are bang on..increasing the SFP does no good after a point! So 26 to 30 is fine

    Personally, I am against sunscreen on each inch of the body. It hampers Vitamin D production and max young Indians have severe Vit D deficiency. So those who get to soak morning sun, please keep the sunscreen limited to the face only. Early morning sun doesn’t cause much tanning of photo ageing anyway

  3. Even My derma suggested me this one and I got breakouts using this as Chemical sunscreens never work well on sensitive skin 🙁

  4. varsha, morning sun till about 10.00am….after 10am, the sun’s rays are too strong. You are right, sun exposure is important or else it causes a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is an immune hormone so you basically compromise your immune system with too much sunscreen. I use this suncreen. Its true. It doesnt leave a white cast. However i find the fragrance a bit too overpowering and i feel like i’m dabbing on so many chemicals. Nevertheless, it is a pretty decent sunscreen. Other good, non greasy options are the phyto x range from lotus herbals, sebamed sunscreen spray and cheryls cosmeceuticals as all are paraben free. Comparatively this ranbaxy gel sunscreen is more wearable as it does not leave a white cast and isnt greasy at all. Neutrogena dry touch is a great option but i wouldnt advise wearing spf 50 on a daily basis plus its loaded with chemicals.

  5. Ish….for some reason it didn’t suit you!!its not a fully chemical sunscreen….it has both physical and chemical sunscreen ingredients.

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I have been using this sunscreen since last two years and its really amazing!!!
    Prior to it, i used Suncros in liquid form which was a bit greasy, But this aqua Gel has kept me protected from harmful Sun rays and best for oily skin!!!

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