Rati Beauty App: Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Hi All, this post is mostly meant for people who are not our app subscribers yet. We get a lot of queries on Instagram, Facebook etc regarding the app so we are going to answer them all in one place. We’ll also keep including future queries also here.

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Rati Beauty App

Founded by Rati Tehri Singh, the biggest makeup blogger in India and an International makeup artist who has trained in India, London and Paris, Rati Beauty app offers expert guidance in makeup techniques and comprehensive knowledge of makeup products. What’s more you get a chance to buy those makeup products too!


1. Why is Rati Beauty App Paid?

Honestly, there is no other way to go. We have always prided ourselves in keeping our reviews honest and so we would like the app to be free of any brand influence, brand promotion or advertisement. The case in point is Rati’s recent review of some famous brushes which all youtubers have been raving about but Rati found them to be completely rubbish. We don’t do promotional content. If you value an honest platform which can save you money on bad products, come join us. Otherwise, there is always youtube.

We also feel that what Rati brings in her tutorials in terms of makeup techniques and using makeup products effectively is far superior to what you find anywhere else. We would like to share this knowledge with our Rati Beauty army only.

2. Why Should I pay when I can read IMBB for free?

Well, we are pulling the reviews on IMBB inside the app only as we feel it would be more value addition to IMBB reviews if you read them along with our app content. Not only that, besides the reviews, you also get the following on Rati Beauty app:

  • a chance to buy great makeup for cheap, as Rati keeps buying huge amount of makeup from all over the world in order to swatch and review on the app, most of these products are put up for sale on the app every week for her subscribers. App subscribers can buy original MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel etc brands for as cheap as Rs. 150 only!
  • Video makeup tutorials by Rati, an international makeup artist and the biggest beauty blogger in India; from latest foundation hacks to smokey eyes. Also, learn tutorials from other members of Rati Beauty App. So you get to learn from a team of people with different quality sets at one place only.
  • a 7-days self-makeup course, the ultimate step-by-step video tutorials for getting perfect makeup for yourself. Through this set of 7 videos by Rati, master your eye makeup, contouring and highlighting, smokey eye, eyeliner techniques, foundation application etc and take guidance from Rati and team.
  • Pre-Bridal Skincare course: watch Rati’s homemade recipes for glowing skin, anti-tan face packs, acne face packs, hair packs for shiny hair etc to get you beautiful and glowing on your D-day. There is no better makeup than a beautiful skin
  • How to Prepare Your Bridal Makeup Kit: Getting married? Watch these detailed videos on what things to pick for wedding makeup trousseau. Videos covering both drugstore and high end makeup products.
  • a professional makeup education: from bridal makeup, college makeup, party makeup, office makeup, natural makeup to makeup for photoshoots. Anything.
  • a collection of swatches from all makeup products worldwide. From nude to red lipstick shades, we’ll get you updated on swatches of new makeup releases. Check the real colors of all the products that you want to buy. Not only that, if you’re lucky you also get to buy those products from our exclusive sales for cheap!
  • new hairstyle video tutorials every week for you to try new looks in college or office.
  • an ad-free environment so that millions of IMBB readers would be able to read their favorite beauty blog at ease.

3. How to download and subscribe to the app

PLEASE NOTE, it’s not a free app. You’d have to pay a small subscription fee of Rs 390 per three months before you can access the content.

GOOGLE PLAY STORE: rati beauty on google playstore
APPSTORE: rati beauty on appstore

4. I am having issues in payment. It is showing invalid form of payment

If you’re using an iphone, apple accepts only credit cards as a mode of payment. Do remember to log into your itunes account and make your address same as the address on your card account.

If you’re using android you can either use a credit card or make a payment by using the paytm app. Read how to use the paytm app for making payment on playstore over HERE. You have to generate a code through paytm app and use that code in the ‘redeem code’ option while making the payment.

5. How can I buy products from Rati in the sale?

Our sales and giveaways are for our app subscribers and they happen on the app only. Rati buys tons of products every month from abroad or brands’ stores for review and swatches on IMBB. Most of these are high end products from brands such as MAC, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty, Jeffree Star, Kylie Cosmetics etc. However, after swatching and reviewing, many of these products are not used again by us so we now put them on sale on the app for knock-down prices. You can only participate in the sale if you are an app subscriber. Please do not contact us anywhere else asking us to sell the products to you.

6. Can I buy products from Rati on Instagram?

No. The products are meant for our app subscribers who are loving and supporting us. We are really thankful to them for standing by our side. Anything we have to offer, we’ll offer it to them.

7. Are these products genuine or fake?

Every product we buy, use or sell is hundred percent genuine. We buy them from brands stores or websites only. Rati has been discouraging use of fake products for years. Fake products have been caught to include human waste and bacteria. They is dangerous for anyone and everyone to use. We would not take such risk of using such products on our skin and would not encourage you to do so as well. We buy original products for reviewing on our website. You just can’t review fake products. Fake products are full of crap. What’s there to review about them? We cater to lakhs of audience every single day through IMBB. We are well aware of our responsibility towards our audience. For years we have been buying products from makeup flagship stores both in India and abroad. We pick up products when we travel, a lot of our writers are located aboard, who also review products for us. We also give budget to our writers to buy and review products.

8. Are these used products?

All these products have definitely been used once or twice for swatching and reviewing on IMBB. We do not sell brand new products. We are not an ecommerce site. Every product we buy is single and we do a clearance sale of the products that we are not using after swatching and reviewing.

9. Why are you selling these high end products so cheap?

We have too many products and we buy full range of products for swatches and reviews on imbb. A lot of products don’t get used after they are swatched and reviewed. Since we buy the products ourselves and don’t take them free from brands, we think we can take a call on how much we sell our products for. These our our own products and we would sell them for however much we want to. That said we try to keep the prices quite nominal so that a lot of people can get a chance to try out the high end brands. For us these products are just lying around waiting to be tossed out after a while. We might as well share them with our Rati Beauty Army.

10. How often are you going to do makeup sale on the app?

Twice or thrice a month. As long as we have products to clear we’ll put them up on the app for sale.

11. If we subscribe to the app will we get products in the sale for sure?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee to this. Our sales are flash sales and those who comment first for a product get a chance to buy it. If you are not fast enough to comment you might not get anything. We also recommend that you do not join the app only for our makeup sales as you would get disappointed if you do not get anything. Rati Beauty app is for those who love makeup and want to learn it. Our makeup sales are a small part of it.

12. Do you offer COD (cash on delivery)?

No. If you buy product from our sale you’d have to pay us in advance through netbanking before we courier you the product. There are no returns or refunds. We put swatches of the products beforehand on the app for you to decide if you want the product.

13. Would I have to pay again if I change my phone from android to iphone or vice versa?

Yes. The payments for both the softwares are managed by different companies – Google and Apple. They do not transfer the subscription payment to each other. So yes if you make a change, you would have to pay again. If you are switching from Android to Android or from Iphone to Iphone, keep your phone number and google/apple id same and you won’t have to pay again.

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